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50 Free Instagram Templates

Hello guys! Today we are going to talk about something modern and interesting. There are guesses? Of course, we will talk about one of the most popular social networks- instagram. Social networks quickly entered our life, fluttering, like a flexible liana, all its spheres. You can read about it in books and articles, hear on the radio, learn from movies and clips. Instagram, like any other social network, gives a sense of human involvement in a group, and because the desire of a person to be a part of something more, to have contacts with other people is one of the basic motives for behavior. Instagram also became a trend, a fashion among young people. Instagram allows you to easily and simply satisfy the need for recognition by getting feedback from other users in the form of likes and comments. You can share all the moments of life, impressions, give advice on where the most delicious morning coffee and also promote business.

We spend hours on social networks, communicate and learn about the news with their help. Overloaded with information the brain is hard to surprise with a beautiful picture or a bright photograph. How will a brand or company stand out among information noise and attract the attention of users in social networks? Today you will be a step closer to solving the importunate question “What should I do next?” Do not be afraid to overload Instagram-posts with information. The text in the picture and in the description will help to take longer visitors and reveal the topic. By flipping through the ribbon, people just look at the text in the posts, so take out the main message of the text. Pay attention to the latest visual trends – neat flagship and plant illustrations.

Using the advertising opportunities of the instagram, you can increase the sales of the company and raise the brand recognition. And if you know when it is better to apply this or that kind of advertising, and how to create advertisements properly, you can competently run the campaign and not merge the budget. If you are just starting to advertise your business in Instagram, then the fastest way is to promote an already existing publication. Among the disadvantages of this variant of advertising can be called a small selection of campaign goals and a modest set of options for setting up an audience for display. To quickly launch an advertising campaign, promote the publication from your page on Instagram.

With the help of a free graphic design tool that allows you to create designs for social networks based on ready-made templates, you will receive a memorable bright account of instagram. Let’s go!

1. Light Pink Owl and Hearts Love Romance Instagram Post

Light Pink Owl and Hearts Love Romance Instagram Post
Share your best wishes with Valentine’s Day with your soul mate, and also with all your close subscribers. A sweet owl in the very center will give your post a sweet romantic mood. The backdrop is decorated with lovely hearts that will make even the most serious person in the world smile. You can easily create the desired post for Instagram using convenient editing tools. Happy Valentine’s Day!

2. Spring Flowers Instagram Post

Spring Flowers Instagram Post
Spring is a time of love and incredibly fragrant flowers. Share a cheerful and relaxed mood in your Instagram using this excellent bright template. It’s very convenient and absolutely free. The juicy floral design will inspire you to create a masterpiece that will attract a huge audience. A huge number of colors and designs will give freedom to your imagination. Just try and you will definitely fall in love.

3. Motivational Sunflower Instagram Post

Motivational Sunflower Instagram Post Share a great mood or some achievement using this bright, with a picture of a beautiful sunflower, an Instagram template. Become a motivation for someone or an example to follow with the help of warm flowers of a huge amount. Share something good, and in return receive an audience of good subscribers. Or just add a positive quote to share your happiness. Customize the template of your own choice.

4. Minimalist Lemon cake Instagram Post

Minimalist Lemon cake Instagram PostWhat could be better than a slice of excellent lemon pie in the morning? Many people are looking for a huge number of recipes on the Internet. If you know how to cook and want to share your recipes with people, an Instagram- excellent social network for this. This template is very easy to use thanks to easy-to-use editing tools. The huge name and photo of a delicious lemon pie will not leave indifferent subscribers and will attract a new audience. Let’s check it!

5. Outdoor Quotation Instagram Post

Outdoor Quotation Instagram PostA stunning view of the sand dunes and the dusty air is an ideal solution for the traveler’s post. Just add your motivational text or share your impressions in one click. A huge selection of colors, fonts, and design will create the desired post very easily and quickly. Do not be afraid to experiment. An excellent post in the Instagram will attract a huge number of subscribers.

6. Flower Blossom Inspirational Instagram Post

Flower Blossom Inspirational Instagram PostThis free Instagram template with a beautiful floral background is ideal for creative people who want to share their poetry with a huge audience of connoisseurs of beauty. Enter your poem or a famous quote, set up the font, color, show all the power of your creativity. A wonderful poem on a background of blue sky inspires your subscribers to something beautiful. Discover your talents on all sides.

7. Dreamy Motivational Instagram post

Dreamy Motivational Instagram postAdd your own quote or quote from a famous person to inspire your subscribers to do what the heart craves. Stunning visual effects, a huge range of colors, fonts will help you create an actionable worthy post. Show that you should not abandon your dreams, on the contrary, you need to set a goal and achieve it. Easy-to-use tools will be your assistance in creating a post.

8. Stay in Bed Instagram Post

Stay in Bed Instagram PostWeekends are a great way to free your brain from routine and just lie in bed thinking about something beautiful. Share your thoughts and plans for the weekend using this wonderful Instagram template. Easily add a photo of your bed or your steep pajamas using convenient editing tools. This Instagram template is completely customizable, so, it’s easy to turn it from a post about a lazy weekend to a post about a frenzied party.

9. Purple Wedding Instagram Post

Purple Wedding Instagram PostA wedding is a very important event in the life of every person. Share this wonderful news with a huge audience of your subscribers, using this cute template for Instagram posts with a beautiful pale pink background and a purple flower. Play with a lot of design elements in creating a post that touches deeply. Give freedom to emotions using an excellent font and a huge selection of colors. After ending, publish this touching post in the Instagram.

10. Mood Instagram Post

Mood Instagram PostIn the life of each person, there are black and white stripes. Moments of joy and sadness. Sometimes you want to shout at the whole world. Share your emotions with this Instagram template with a beautiful backdrop of the ocean. Replace the photo with your own, add special filters to set the photo to a special mood. A special font adds mystery to your thoughts. This template is easy to customize to the caprice of every person thanks to the tools for editing

11. Ornate Rangoli Instagram Post

Ornate Rangoli Instagram PostNo one to go to your favorite festival? Do not despair. Share the news about the upcoming event in the Instagram using this cool template in the rastaman style. Incredible bright colors, colorful patterns make this post so attractive that you find a fellow traveler in a matter of seconds. Change colors, font types or add effects, borders and even images to this design using editing tools. It’s absolutely free!

12. Bee Baby Shower Instagram Post

Bee Baby Shower Instagram PostChildren are the flowers of life. Share the joyful news about the replenishment of the family with your relatives and friends in the Instagram. Just edit the default text and input the date of your baby shower. Play with a huge number of cool features and options that will make your post even cooler and more presentable. A pink and yellow cute beehive will give this pattern of childishness and return every adult person in the childhood for at least 5 minutes.

13. Cookie Love Instagram Post

Cookie Love Instagram PostOne more post for lovers of fine cuisine with delicious cookies background. Announce your opening of the bakery or announce a special offer using a huge range of options and tools for editing. Add your unusual bakery name and share this news with the world! Add one of the huge amount of filter for the photo to convey the smell of fresh baking.

14. Fuzzy Cat Instagram Post

Fuzzy Cat Instagram PostThis super cute template will not leave indifferent any lover of pets. Add different pictures in an easily customizable layout and describe with unusual font the strange habits of your pet. This template can be used for a very good intention. You can post a photo of a homeless animal and give it a home and a loving owner.

15. Summer Vibes Instagram Post

Summer Vibes Instagram PostWhat could be better than a party in the circle of close friends in the summer on the beach, and even watching the setting sun? Capture the spirit of a summer party by using this template for Instagram posts. Choose a filter for the photo at your discretion, which is best for a summer photo. A huge black inscription on a white background will allow you to write a nice saying or convey your emotions.

16. Cosmetics Sale Instagram Post

Cosmetics Sale Instagram PostWhat can please girls more than good cosmetics? Of course the news of a cool sale. Share this wonderful news with your subscribers in the Instagram using this fashionable template. Add photos of beautiful lipsticks, eyeshadow, mascara. Edit your attractive offer with the help of easy to use editing tools. Play with a huge number of colors and fonts to create the perfect post.

17. Rainbow Colored Party Invitation

Rainbow Colored Party InvitationThis fully customized template is ideal for announcing a birthday party. This bright color palette raises the mood and carries away in the childhood. Add your own text, change the font, color, add thematic special effects and the wow effect is provided. Be sure that a huge crowd of people will visit your party.

18. Wine Happy Hour Instagram post

Wine Happy Hour Instagram postTell us more about the varieties of wines and their wonderful properties in their post Instagram. Use our an elegant template, which is suitable for a true sommelier. Use a huge number of options and settings at your discretion to add a list of white and red wines and also their names. The true connoisseurs of wine will definitely approve your post.

19. Cute Couple Kiss Instagram Post

Cute Couple Kiss Instagram PostTell us about your beloved person to the world using this cute and romantic Instagram template. The design in pleasant pastel colors will ideally help to describe your tender feelings. Add a photo with your loved one, apply a filter to convey the atmosphere of love. And finally, add a quote about love in an interesting font.

20. Do Something Today Instagram Post

Do Something Today Instagram PostPeople keep diaries to record events for a day because memories are so important. A more modern way is to share important events in the Instagram. Use this minimalist Instagram template with a beautiful background of the cold sea. Change the color of the font or photo filter to change the mood of the image. A simple black font fits perfectly into the color scheme of the template.

21. Clubbing all night Instagram Post

Clubbing all night Instagram PostTell us about the most sensational party of this year in your Instagram using this colorful Instagram template in the style of a nightclub. Bright neon colors perfectly convey the atmosphere of a hot party. Add information about what DJ was performing. Pass your emotions with the text of an unusual font. Easy-to-use editing tools can easily and quickly make a cool post.

22. Open Bar Invitation Instagram Post

Open Bar Invitation Instagram PostPlace the information post about opening a beer bar in your Instagram using this wonderful Instagram template. Add a photo of your delicious drinks or your legendary beer, apply a filter to convey the spirit of the Octoberfest. This template is fully customizable, so it can be used for any other institution

23. The Weekend Instagram Post

The Weekend Instagram PostShare your happy days outside the office with this addictive Instagram template with the background of the setting sun. A title graphic you can replace with your own using the simplest tools for editing. It is very easy and fast. Add a famous motivational quote or your own thoughts, edit the color and font as you want.

24. Lady Fashion IPhone Layout Instagram Post

Lady Fashion IPhone Layout Instagram PostDo you want to share your thoughts about the blind fashion craze? You can easily create a wonderful post using this Instagram template in pastel colors. Add your photo, apply a filter to give a fashion look. You can easily change the color, font, and style to your own discretion using editing tools. It’s a great way to share your thoughts with a huge number of subscribers.

25. Try Newest Ice Cream Flavors Instagram Post

Try Newest Ice Cream Flavors Instagram PostShare the good news with your subscribers with this sweet Instagram template with an ice cream background. Play with a huge number of fonts, styles, options, and functions to create a really beautiful post. A huge white inscription in the middle will immediately attract attention. Add a beautiful filter to the photo to give an ice cream a more attractive look.

26. Balloon Festival Photo Instagram Post

Balloon Festival Photo Instagram PostShare an incredible upcoming event on your Instagram using an excellent absolutely free Instagram template. Use a huge number of options and features to give excellent cool effect photo of balloons against the breathtaking mountain ranges. Attach an exciting headline to convey the spirit of the upcoming festival. Use different fonts to give a wow effect. Go for it!

27. Bowl Of Berries Instagram Post

Bowl Of Berries Instagram PostThis delicious and juicy Instagram post is the perfect solution for active people who want to share the excellent recipes of strawberry dishes with a large audience of subscribers. It is also suitable for people who adhere to a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Give freedom to the imagination, play with a huge number of colors, filters and various options for creating an excellent post.

28. The Fourth of July

The Fourth of JulyAn excellent beer, delicious food, and warm family photos. What else could be better than this pastime on the fourth of July? This an attractive template will help you to ideally share your thoughts about this holiday with your subscribers. Use a huge number of different functions and options, play with colors and cool fonts.

29. Green Outdoors Inspirational Quote Instagram Post

Green Outdoors Inspirational Quote Instagram PostDiversify your Instagram with a motivational quote or with your own thoughts, which makes your subscribers think about something important. Absolutely free Instagram template in minimalist style is suitable for this. Pleasant background in green colors and a huge inscription in the center. You can change the background or change the font at your discretion at any time. Use easy-to-use tools for editing to do this.

30. Northern Sunrise Instagram Post

Northern Sunrise Instagram PostAn early bird gets a worm. Share your morning clear thoughts with your subscribers. Use the Instagram template with the background of a beautiful cloudy sky at dawn. Delicate pastel colors are very pleasant to the eye. Decorate the template with special icons, add a filter, use a beautiful font at your discretion. It’s absolutely free.

31. Chase Your Dreams Instagram Post

Chase Your Dreams Instagram PostShare your thoughts or plans for the day in your Instagram with an elegant Instagram template in dark tones with a picture of the Olympic pool. The template is made in accordance with the latest technologies, and the fashionable geometric design corresponds to the latest trends. drag and drop tool makes it easy to combine fonts, patterns, background, and images in just a matter of minutes!

32. Blue Circles Dog Instagram Post

Blue Circles Dog Instagram PostThe post is dedicated to the friendship between dogs and humans. Add a photo of your dog, apply special filters to convey the warmth of your relationship, add a text about that the dog needs not only your love but also to walk because it is very necessary to move for the dog. You can also post a photo of a stray dog and help her find a loving owner.

33. Party Time Instagram Post

Party Time Instagram PostInvite a huge number of people to the upcoming party in your Instagram. Use this cool Instagram template that conveys the atmosphere of the party. Add a photo of your friends and add a confetti effect to give the holiday atmosphere. Do not hesitate to play with a huge number of colors, fonts and great options. Come off to the fullest!

34. Minimalist Blue Instagram Post

Minimalist Blue Instagram PostUse this Instagram template in the minimalist style to express your emotions and thoughts and share it with your subscribers. A beautiful blue canvas and a large inscription. Why do something extra? By the way, you can easily change the background color, text color and the font itself at your wish at any time. Easy-to-use editing tools will help you quickly and easily achieve the desired result. Check it!

35. Flatley Florist Instagram

Flatley Florist InstagramFlowers accompany us on important events. Flowers- a great gift for a reason and without a reason. If you are an owner of a flower shop or a boutique, then an Instagram is the perfect solution for promoting your business. Use this an excellent Instagram template in vintage style. Add photos of your excellent bouquets, write a touching entry and be sure that the number of buyers will grow at a frantic speed. Use a huge number of colors of the entire spectrum, fonts and various options that make it easy for you to create the perfect post.

List of other cool templates:

36. Good Times Instagram Post

Good Times Instagram Post

37. Classic Coffee Instagram Post

Classic Coffee Instagram Post

38. Holiday Pattern Instagram Post

Holiday Pattern Instagram Post

39. Beach Party Instagram Post

Beach Party Instagram Post

40. Blue Photo Stars Earth Hour Instagram Post

Blue Photo Stars Earth Hour Instagram Post

41. Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Try Instagram Post

Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Try Instagram Post

42. Pink Cherry Blossom Summer Instagram Post

Pink Cherry Blossom Summer Instagram Post

43. Nature Mountain Photo Plain Collage Instagram Post

Nature Mountain Photo Plain Collage Instagram Post

44. White Simple Photo Dad Appreciation Instagram Post

White Simple Photo Dad Appreciation Instagram Post

45. Crimson Photo Flowers May Day Instagram Post

Crimson Photo Flowers May Day Instagram Post

46. Purple Sprinkles Cupcake Sale Instagram Post

Purple Sprinkles Cupcake Sale Instagram Post

47. Pastel Patterned Birthday Instagram Post

Pastel Patterned Birthday Instagram Post

48. Colorful Doodle Holi Festival Instagram Post

Colorful Doodle Holi Festival Instagram Post

49. Fitness Exercise Regime Instagram Post

Fitness Exercise Regime Instagram Post

50. Catch Some Waves Instagram Post

Catch Some Waves Instagram Post

In conclusion, I want to share with you how to make your Instagram cooler:

  1. You need an account that will differ from the others. The photo should cause the WOW effect. Look at what photos in your account were the most liked and commented on. Now there are so many directions that you can take very narrow segments: your own drawings, landscapes, textures, shadows, books … Anything! In one account, you can combine a couple of different topics, for example, photos of seals and smiling people in public transport. A maximum of 3 if they are closely related.
  2. The most important technical detail when framing a frame is light. Try to keep everything in your frame well lit. Then the pictures will be clear.
  3. You need to post photos regularly. And this does not mean that the more often, the better. Regularly – just means measuredly.
  4. Imagine that hashtags are an acid that you need to add to the chemical compound in order for the reaction to go off. You can not do without it, as without hashtag – it’s for them that many subscribers find interesting topics for them. Have you ever seen a recording on Instagram where, under the usual frame, dozens of hashtags that far exceed the signature in length? It’s annoying. It is desirable that the hashtag was not more than 5-6 pieces.
  5. To successfully advance the Instagram, you need to interact with other users. Do not hesitate to put your friends’ likes and similar channels, boldly subscribe to everyone with a similar theme.
  6. The difficult question is whether to use built-in filters of Instagram? Some of them can really look good on average quality photos, but in most pictures, they are immediately visible and arranged. If you want to process your own photos with filters, then it’s better to put an additional application with more features. At the same time, it will help to stand out from other Instagram-accounts on your topic.
  7. Each photo must have a signature other than hashtags and geotag. Sometimes they are signed on Instagram because of witty comments. Do not make it too big and deployed – after all, the Instagrams do not come for a reading
  8. Cross-promotion can attract many new subscribers. This means that you need to set up automatic messages about new photos on Instagram in other social networks.
  9. Put your photos on one scale.
  10. One way to attract new subscribers to the page is to organize a contest. It can be the simplest mechanics, just add a subscription to the page.
  11. Be sincere and honest with your subscribers.

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