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A Step-by-Step Guide To Running An Effective Instagram Ad Campaign. How To Create Instagram Ads That Work For Your Brand

Why Use Instagram Ads?

Types Of Instagram Ads

How To Run Instagram Ads?

Why Use Instagram Ads?

Starting as a photo-sharing social network Instagram is now one of the biggest merchandising platforms that helps brands from all over the world advertise themselves and increase their awareness which consequently brings them popularity and profit. For a reference, today more than 30% of all web users are registered in Instagram and over 80 million photos are shared every day. Since 2015, when Instagram started up the advertising, more than billion ad actions took place. There are several reasons why to use Instagram for your brand awareness:

  • Audience increase. Instagram is found to be one of the fastest growing social networking platforms. Based on TrackMaven studies, the medium follower increase from 2015 to 2016 gained 100%.
  • Time spent on Instagram. Stats shows that users spend approximately an hour per day on Instagram and Facebook. Under the research of comScore, worldwide users spend about 12 billion minutes monthly on IG. This brings significant opportunities for companies that want to take a leading position within their niches.
  • Visual content becomes more popular in online marketing. Since Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, it appears to be on a cutting edge to image-based business stories.
  • Aiming or targeting. Instagram ads repeat Facebook advertising principles: you can target the audience by location, age, gender, interests etc. When target correctly, your ad campaign may bring the highest results.


To sum up, about 60% of people discover products on Instagram, 75% take measures being excited by a posting, 30% of users purchase the products found on Instagram. Do you still have doubts why you should use Instagram ads for your brand? If you don’t, let’s take a closer look at the existing types of advertisement and some tips about how to create and run them properly.

Types Of Instagram Ads

In total, five types of Instagram ads can be selected (photos, videos, carousel, stories and CTA buttons) even though they find only first three of them to be most important. Yet we are going to cover all advertisement categories, so you will be able to define which one is best for your business.

Photo Ads

Being the easiest type of advertising photo ad can tell a story about brands and featured products or services they offer via fascinating visual imagery. You may use either square photo or the one of landscape orientation. This ad category can be run either directly from Instagram or from a Facebook Ad Manager. With the help of Photo Ads, you can achieve brand awareness, product consideration, and conversions.

Video Ads

Being a combination of visual components, sounding and motion video attracts human feelings and addresses the idea more efficiently. You are able to add a 60-second video to the Instagram account yet Wistia studies claim that the first 30 seconds matters. It is crucial that you convey the main idea within this timeframe and touch your audience. The ways you may run the Video Ads are the same as in photo averts.

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads enable you to add up to 10 photos or videos one by one that can be seen by swiping the screen. This type of advertisement dips the audience into the so-called narrative and encourages it to click on the adverts for a subsequent action.


If you are an owner of the restaurant, you may apply images of ingredients of the dish that comes first in the carousel and add a button that will redirect Instagram users to the reservation page of your restaurant website.

Stories Ads

Stories are the latest novelty among advertising types in Instagram which allows a full-screen 9:16 image, video or text page. Users will see your ad when they scroll their Stories feed. Changing the way the users communicate with the ad, this kind of advertisement allows them to feel like they are a part of the adverts. Recently, Instagram has added the option to Stories that allows managing who can see your ad and how often. Thanks to an audience targeting along with 150 million daily users engaged in Instagram Stories, this form of advertising becomes more popular.

Interesting Fact: Airbnb is one of the companies Instagram tested their advertising campaign features with. Using ad tools Airbnb enhanced its brand awareness and became a well-known preeminent travel company.

CTA Buttons

At the end of 2015, ‘Shop Now’ and ‘Install Now’ CTA (call-to-action) buttons were added to advertising functions in Instagram. Call to action buttons usually redirect users to the account itself or to a website e.g. product or service page, so that the main objective of business is gained.

How To Run Instagram Ads?

The masters of online marketing recommend creating an advertisement through a Facebook page because Instagram and Facebook now work in conjunction.

If you do not have a page for your business on Facebook yet, we recommend establishing it first, so then you will be able to sign up for a Business Manager.

When Business Manager is set up, link your Instagram account to a FB business page.

Whether you are all set, go ahead with creating an ad:

  1. Open Ad Creation.
  2. Select a goal among Brand awareness, Reach, Traffic, App installs, Engagement, Video views, and Conversions.
  3. Choose a name for your campaign or use the default ones that pop up.
  4. In Audience part target your audience by age, gender, interests, location etc.
  5. Pick one of the payment options: pay per engagement or by impression. You may also go to a Budget and Schedule part where budget and advertising schedule can be chosen and set. Select from daily (ad is run throughout the day) or lifetime (ad is run for an indicated period of time) budget plan.
  6. Apply a name to your ad set or go with the default one.
  7. Pick a media type for your advertising campaign in Format section.
  8. Mention all the details of your advert: headline, text, CTA buttons if required.
  9. The advertising is recommended to be run on Facebook and Instagram at the same time as chosen by default. Yet if you want to run the ad only on Instagram, you may remove all other placements.
  10. When the ad is completed, make sure no typos were made and push ‘Place Order’ button.

For more inspiration, we suggest you spend some time on checking top-13 best Instagram ads that have been found on the Internet. You will definitely be impressed with them. Because we’ve stayed under the impression.


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