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Attention Grabbing Tweets: Templates to Get You Started

This article will be useful for individuals learning to take advantage of this platform. In case you do not know what to post or feel shy here are a few good advices for you. There are various kinds of messages and numerous ways to gain recognition for the original page. Yes there are Twitter templates aka TT’s created to help you post new materials faster and easier. We’ve gathered a collection of the most popular TT’s so you have a template for any occasion.

Distributing Ideas

  • Post opinions on the things you read. As an example say a few words about the editorial topic, add a link and a relating hashtag. Do not forget to add stickers this way the posts will reach out to a bigger crowd.
  • You could also say a few words of approval for the creators of the article. This way they might feel willing to share some of your information as well, remember to be genuine and stick to one point of view.
  • Retweet other people but add your own opinion to their, you can post those messages in two ways. First is easier you just choose the retweet option than publisize your own comment in the pop up square and add some stickers if it is needed.
  • Remember that once you put an RT in the first part of your new message the platform software sees it as a reaction notice. To make sure all your readers get to see your message add a period in front of RT @TwitterHandle this way the information will pop up in your feed.
  • Use a problem-solution technique. Nobody want to lag behind or to be a looser thus post that contain how-to’s or advices might be really popular with the relevant public.


You can try asking some intriguing questions in your feed. Think of something like… Did you hear that? But make sure to verify all the information before positing it, it should be genuine and true. Your supporters should find something they like in it.

Make your feed a two way communication and ask your readers some general inquiries about their lives. Make sure the questioning is consistent and interesting but never basic.

Adding Pictures

Good quality photos always attract a lot of attention. There is a popular misconception saying that this platform is meant for messages not photos and so you have to leave that to Instagram. But this is actually the right platform to publicize photos. Make sure to add some pictures to your account just do not go overboard with it.

Use picture tweets to advertise occasions or seminars, spread pictures of your team and staff.