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Chargeless Templates for Blogger That Look Better Than Prime

As a beginner online journal author you do not have that much funds to invest into your page thus you go for the free options like chargeless templates etc. Do not worry about not having the same chances as users with paid features. We have a solution for you so now using a chargeless pattern is just as good as buying a prime one.

Chargeless vs. Paid GB Templates

Usually the prime GB templates are considered to be:

  1. Faster for they are coded better,
  2. Responsive to fit to any screen size with fluid scaling,
  3. Have a modern attractive design,
  4. Built to be SEO friendly,
  5. Has more customized pages like contacts, first page, pages for single posts, error 404 page etc,
  6. Documentation,

There is a general misconception about GB being a less SEO friendly CMS than WP but it is not exactly true. What your main duty is, is to find the best template that is coded with SEO in mind. Does that mean that you necessarily have to go premium? In most cases yes but remember the following. No need to just go for a paid template because the price tag does not determine the quality sadly. Some decorations are built with all the premium features in mind but yet are absolutely chargeless to use for as long as you want to.

Check Out These Templates

The Wallpaper pattern comes in both complimentary and prime options but the free version is just as responsive and professional looking. The pattern is very clean, understated and transparent with an amazing design. Scoop is very beautiful with massive photos as a header background; the theme is really popular and created with advertisement in mind.

Velocity is a pattern built around a large heading string with two columns, looks beautiful for a way of life or a photo art online journal. Vanice is also very reactive and built around two columns with a navigation menu. Inspiro looks very cool with different pictures overlapping on the first page, looks very luxurious and expensive.

But how about a gamer blog or a technical online journal, is there a pattern for them? Gamer is an ornating with a dark header and a navigation built with gamers in mind. A prime version is also available. Red Hood is another darker pattern with a very stylish feel to it, will work for various blogs with its unusual yet cohesive aesthetics.

Now you have some really cool options to pick out from, hope you have found this article useful.