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Chrome Templates: Best Freebies for Your Google Chrome Web Directory

Did you know your search engine color scheme and composition are changeable? Many parts of GC are customizable to your enjoyment. It is very easy to do even if you think you know nothing about computers.

Play With GC Templates

All the additional features available for adding to your search engine can be basically divided into three main groups: they are apps, themes and extensions. So how can a basic computer user tell the difference between all three of them? It is fairly easy.

Google Maps, Google Drive and Gmail are apps. They are websites and do not demand any downloads or installments. You get to use these services by putting a certain address in the address line. A GC expansion is basically a small program that you download to your computer in the form of a CRX file. An expansion built to make screenshots for you; show you data about the pages you visit etc. Once you download an expansion it works for all the pages you open.

And the templates aka themes are meant to help you personalize your search engine by changing the color scheme or the layout. The tags and the roller are also customizable.

Why You Will Love It

Wouldn’t it be cool to play with some templates to make your boring monotonous and pale GC bright and eye-catching? You have many different motifs to pick out from for example:

  • All colors and patterns you could possibly imagine, various graphic designer painted templates.
  • Natural phenomena from northern lights to different seasons and beautiful places, islands, forests, sunsets and sunrises etc,
  • Open space pictures like galaxies, stars, planets etc,
  • Different cities and architecture, from Eifel Tower to nighttime LA you can have it all,
  • Various cars and gadgets,
  • Flowers,
  • All top ranking video games from Mine craft to Call Of Duty,
  • Water,
  • Cats and dogs,
  • Various wild animals, from mice to tigers,
  • Food and drinks,
  • Logos of all the popular sports teams,
  • Flags and symbols,
  • Some company logos,
  • Holidays,
  • Many other templates that cannot relate to any of the abovementioned divisions.

So you will indeed have something to choose from if you get bored of your template.

More Tips

You are strongly recommended to only download your templates from Google Web store. All templates there are free so if you suddenly find a site with prepaid templates you should not download anything from there.