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Going Premium: Best Prepaid Google Blogger Templates


Depending in what template you pick out the prices might vary from $5 to $50 for a Blogger pattern. The price relies on various capacities and quality. Don’t try to go for the most expensive pattern hoping that it will be the best option. Expensive does not mean good by the default thus you need to be attentive and check out everything.

Read reviews, check out the ratings. Look at other blogs with the same prepaid pattern. Also run the demo through a few browsers and devices you do not need to lose customers due to bad responsiveness. These days half of the audience will open your online journal using mobile gadgets so you need to cater to everyone. Since you have made up your mind to go prime we suggest you get the best out of your pattern.

Value for Money

Here is a list of features you need to look for when going for premium templates:

  • 100% responsiveness to all tablet and Smartphone screens, this is probably the number one feature.
  • More editing options,
  • More customizability, this way you will be able to make your online journal one of a kind,
  • Cross-compatibility with all search engines,
  • SEO optimization, because Google rankings are important,
  • Customer support, some templates come with a customer support,
  • Multilingual capacities, give you a chance to translate your online journal into different languages in the future,
  • Automation, is important for users with no scripting experience,
  • Gallery page, for all the images,
  • Touch display compatibility, the pattern has to be easy to use on the touch screen,
  • Social networks widget, to add links to your profiles,
  • Statistics, to follow the numbers of people visiting your page,
  • High resolution, so your photos look their best on any screen,
  • Flexibility, you need to have many various options to play,
  • Drag-and-drop feature, makes your life easier,
  • Various colors and lettering, customizability matters,
  • Sliders, making the composition contemporary,
  • Customizable summaries,
  • FB comments feature, so visitors can leave reviews much faster and share them on their FB pages.

Be Attentive

Since GB is getting bigger and bigger coding templates for it is a huge business. Some templates look very stylish on the outside but they are coded poorly thus they are slow, bulky and not fluid. Even if you do not have a coding knowledge you can always give your pattern a test run with the demo version.