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Google Blogger for Beginners: Starting Up With the Right Template

Did you hear that free online journal platforms provide their subscribers with all the capacities and options needed to make a beautiful engaging online journal with all the capacities and add-ons needed to manage your online journal attract more viewers and monetize on the content?

What is GB?

GB is basically an open source platform meant to help people with no coding knowledge create their own blogs. It is absolutely free however if you profit off your online journal having affiliates, Google Ads or banners you have to pay a small percentage to GB.

So what makes GB so amazing?

  • It is free so setting up a blog will not cost you anything,
  • The latest version is not branded with the logo while the previous ones contained lots of GB logos,
  • The blog hosting and analytics are also free of charge,
  • The last but not the least it comes with hundreds of templates available to everyone,
  • Those who knows basic programming and CSS might as well create patterns and upload for free,
  • The drag-and-drop capacity is available for the patterns by default making your life easier as there is no need to choose between widgets and capacities,

Available Templates

In order to pick the best pattern you should think over a few issues. What is your online journal category? It might be photography, gaming, kids, psychology and what not, based on the topic go for the pattern that fits your blog category best. The layout of any online journal comprises of the header, footer, sidebars and notes. You should be satisfied with the sizes and designs of those characteristics.

Responsiveness matters. Make sure the pattern of your choosing is fluid enough to look readable and cohesive on any mobile device. The best is to go for the AMP compliant layout. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page it is open source software used to make web pages more fluid in any panel scale.

Additional Features

The GB also allows its users pick out how many sidebars they want to see in their online journals, how many columns they want to have. Also you can pick how many lines you want to see in your footer. The layout is totally reactive and customizable to work well and adjust to any size.

The width of the sidebars matters when you decide on placing advertisement in your online journal. The side column has to be at least 300 pixels wide and the whole blog should be 930 pixels wide for the best compatibility and fluidity. Every time you update the data and post something new your subscribed followers receive email notifications.