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Google Blogger Templates: Don’t Get Lost In All the Options

A template can literally make or break your online journal. Do you know about all qualities you need to have in your GB pattern? Let us tell you how to pick out the pattern to get the best out of your online journal and cater to a bigger public.

Template Themes

The pattern is needed to determine the face and the style of your online journal. The pattern will also manage the links in the sidebars. So what can you choose from? GB patterns are divided into subcategories like:

  • Photography,
  • Business,
  • Video,
  • Blogging,

But you’re not limited by the pattern choices available in your Template Designer. There are numerous agencies releasing premium GB patterns as well as enthusiasts creating their own patterns. You could even have one designed and coded just for your online journal meaning that your page would have a truly unique composition and appearance. The pattern has to be clean aka coded well to be fast in every browser.

How to Install Templates

We have come up with a simple guideline on how to change your GB patterns:

  1. Open the GB control panel, you will find the Pattern Designer there,
  2. Scrawl through the summery of the available free templates, there is a preview option the pattern in the bottom left part of the panel,
  3. Once you have picked the template and the color arrangement that you liked click on the “Done” option,
  4. The sidebar has to be no less than 300 pixels wide otherwise you will not be able to post commercial banners,
  5. Go to the “Apply” option to make all your changes available to public.

When using GB you can also apply numerous free widgets that will perform different functions from gallery to social media linking etc. GB widgets feature is an analog to WP plugins. These two content management systems are fairly similar with GB being built specifically to cater to bloggers and be more beginner friendly with less add-ons and features.

How to Change GB Templates

In order to change the template or the layout again, do all the above listed steps all over again. Another option you have is to look for free GB templates you will find a few non-profit blogs that have free patterns besides the ones you can find added to the GB adjustments.

If you are in need of a pattern that is SEO adapted in order to take your online journal higher in Google ratings you will have to pay extra for the feature but it would be worth it as you can be confident your rating will be above average.