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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building Your First Website

Our modern life requires constant communication, which is provided through online Internet access. We live in a world where people are increasingly dependent on the search engines like Yandex and Google. And this influence is absolutely obvious in all aspects of our life, as people resort to the Internet to solve their problems, e.g. when to go shopping, deciding which restaurant to have a lunch in or choosing what food to order, and more. People make these decisions in everyday life based on the information or data available through the Internet. They browse companies’ websites and reviews to decide whether they want to cooperate.

Thus, it is inevitable for any business to have an online presence. A business website is something that is very important for your entrepreneurship, it ensures that customers will get a positive and credible impression of the business, which will lead to the building of the relationship between customers and business.

With a huge growth of Internet use over the past two decades, a significant part of businesses around the world has started launching their corporate websites. Whether it is a business hairdresser, a clothing store or a plumber. If a business does not have a website containing their business information, it simply means that the business is definitely losing great opportunities for its growth and development.

Why having a corporate website is so important for your brand?

When it comes to an e-commerce business, your brand identity is crucial to get your sales and business influence increased.

Business branding is intended to increase a consumer demand for goods and services. The main objectives of branding are to promote the company or brand, increase the brand awareness, increase sales and profits. If you work with the brand properly – your clients will pay more because they consider the brand worthy.

Branding includes market research, product positioning, creating of a brand name, by-line, slogan, visual and verbal identification systems (trademark, corporate identity, packaging, special sounds, etc.), the use of identification and communication media that reflect and broadcast the brand idea.

Your brand name is the first thing a customer clicks on after getting numerous results in Google. Various researches show that branding is a big driver of clicks, so it should not be undervalued.

Quite often your potential customers, on the subconscious level, want someone to manage their preferences. People have less time and energy to choose. Therefore, well-known brands are their reference points in the growing number of goods and services and the endless flow of advertising.

The main objective of the company’s website is to provide a customer with information and demonstrate the concept of the brand. After visiting your website, a person should have a positive impression without any negative emotions. Leading companies, except for informational content, do not forget about the entertainment part. Users who visit the website, have the opportunity to play mini-games, listen to music, discuss questions, etc. Show him that you care about him, and he will be your loyal customer.

Further, let’s check what options we have to create the first website.

Website builders and WordPress DIY

If you are going to build a website, then you have quite a few options.

Website builders (e.g. SquareSpace) have attracted millions of site builders. In order to make a website on SquareSpace, you do not need any experience or knowledge in coding. If you are able to write emails, know how to use MS Word and PowerPoint, then you already have all the skills to create a website on SquareSpace. SquareSpace is easier than WordPress – you just need to be able to use a browser and enter your credit card code. SquareSpace can boast of a wide selection of preset good-looking templates.

Custom development of a website means you will have to hire a team of the web developers to work on your website from its start to the end.

One of the most popular systems is WordPress building your first website. A quarter (!) from all websites on the Internet are built using this system. It offers unlimited possibilities. With WordPress, you can create an online store, personal blog, corporate website, information portal, industry resource, multimedia gallery. Flexible customization of appearance and functionality is one of the main advantages. Owners of the WordPress websites can use free and paid templates, which you can customize the external resource with. And with the help of plugins, you can solve technical problems, provide the necessary functionality of the website.

Approximate cost of a website varies between $500 and $50000.

Among the factors this cost depends on are:

  • website structure;
  • design;
  • functionality;
  • copywriting services;
  • content management;
  • SEO;
  • e-commerce functions.

So, which option to build a website is right for you?

Let’s discuss this further.

Who chooses a website builder and which one to go with?

If you are an entrepreneur – beginner and have an idea for a small business or startup, but you do not want to spend an unreasonable amount of money to develop the functionality and design of the website, then a website builder is a good option for you.

Take a look at the review of the most popular website builders below to choose the one to work for you best.

SquareSpace is a beautiful way to make money on the sale of designer clothes or accessories.

It is perfect for creators, designers, photographers, bloggers, restaurateurs, musicians, as well as wedding projects and online stores of all creative directions.

The purpose of Squarespace is an elegant commerce and stylish websites for a portfolio. The convenient showcase of goods, a lot of templates, the ability to create your logo online and download it (for a small fee) are among the system’s advantages.

SquareSpace is integrated with Facebook, synchronized with Amazon Associate Support, Dropbox data storage, and Mailchimp, which also allows accumulating a client base.

This modern website builder is user-friendly enough to easily cope with its admin panel and editor.

SquareSpace offers a large gallery with images and videos. There are also different overlay filters to make the content look more attractive. A great addition is the ability to connect the mechanism with the payment card.

Wix is the market of website templates for all types of businesses. It is a good choice for both for b2c and b2b audience. It can be used to create a website for serious business, for example, for the distribution of farm products in the network and their delivery to the regions. Also, this website builder will be useful for photographers, designers, owners of online stores. You can enable the option to pay by a credit card online.

It gives a great space for creativity and implementation of various ideas. By selecting the desired functional template, you can fill it with elements by simply dragging them from the library. The main advantage of Wix is the concentration of completely different functional tools for different businesses on one platform.

Prepared templates in the library are designed for culinary shops, design agencies, floral studios, and online stores.

Wix offers a huge selection of applications in the App Market section that will be needed for more advanced operation of your website. It is possible to use Dropbox, the resource for email marketing-Cake Mail, as well as Soundcloud, Pinterest Feed, Live Chat Support for online customer support, application for restaurateurs – Open Table (allows you to book a table online), etc.

If you wish to get your website ready in 72 hours, take a look at Weblium. Weblium is a top-notch website builder, powered by

Our time is highly valued nowadays, so TemplateMonster offers to get a website in 72 hours at the price of hosting and domain.

All you need to do:

  1. Tell the company what website you want to get.
  2. Get your website structure straight from the chat or via e-mail.
  3. Pay deposit to get the design finished.
  4. Get a complete website and start attracting your customers online.

You are getting a fast-loading, attractive and user-friendly website to boost your sales from the very first moment.

What about building a website from scratch?

If you have a good budget, you can hire a team to create a website that will become an effective marketing tool for your brand.

You can come to them with an idea only and get the name for the company (brand name), domain name, logo, corporate identity, marketing kit, as well as a selling website and customized advertising campaign. They will work out your idea to deliver the product which meets your vision and expectations.

Decide on what website exactly you want to receive, and get the quotes from the developers and agencies. Compare the quotes to choose the option which will be the best for you.

Note, this route to build a website is more time- and money-consuming but at the same time, you will get more flexibility to realize your idea.

Why is WordPress so popular?

WordPress is a popular content management system, one of the most used in the world, a website built on WordPress is a very common phenomenon. Creating an online store on WordPress is also easy — just install the woocommerce plugin (or similar), configure it – and the online store is ready. That’s why this option is chosen by bloggers and major IT and media corporations (ARD, Sony, Wall Street Journal, BBC America, etc.).

it is free, and this is a huge plus of WordPress. After all, not everyone is ready to pay to get a website created.

Among other things, WordPress has a great number of different plugins, and it has a reputation as one of the easiest to handle website management systems.

If you summarize all the advantages of the WordPress platform, you will get the following: convenience and ease of installation and configuration, support of HTML and CSS, a sufficient number of plugins and its ease of use, a great variety of templates, security, support of RSS, trackback, pingback, simple and understandable admin panel, and spam protection. If you decide to proceed with WordPress platform, you can save your time and let an experienced TemplateMonster team complete a website for you at an affordable price.

Perhaps the only significant disadvantage of WordPress is that the system is quite cumbersome and clumsy. But this concerns the websites with a very high click steam.

Let’s summarize…

Every entrepreneur knows that business is an economic activity and its aim is to make a profit through the sale of goods and services. Today it is impossible to ensure the prosperity and growth of a business without the use of relevant modern tools. Global web is an unlimited advertising environment, and your corporate website is a personal advertising medium of your business. A professional and skillfully organized promotion of your business website brings more results than traditional methods of advertising. Do you still have any doubts that a website is a key component of any business success?

If you are ready to invest a large amount of money into your website, then a custom development is the way to go. If you wish to avoid any time and money related risks, try a website builder. The Internet is full of options and offers, you just need to choose the best one for you.

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