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Pick the Best Template for Your Tumblr: Free vs. Premium

This online journals’ free CMS run by the Yahoo! team is a great Blogger competitor. We would suggest you start with this platform as it is much easier to promote your online journal with all the likes and shares.

Costless Templates

Free templates are just the thing for a beginner user to create a blog. And since this CMS is very fluid, compact and reactive by nature you will not have to deal with any issues in different display sizes, various internet browsers etc. Thus it is very fuss free.

Any free template has got essential features for you to post any works; you get to have comments and contacts as well as nice pages with headers etc. Maybe you will not have as many styling options as you would have in Blogger or WP but it is actually good as it will save you a ton of work. Some templates look just as good as the paid ones so if you are on a budget do not worry about spending.

Premium Templates

If you feel like you’re ready to upgrade your template to a paid one you can expect some perks for the coins. The prepaid customizable templates come with some extra capabilities like:

  • Customer care, extended assistance might cost you extra,
  • Software updates, they come in a package,
  • Disqus comments feature,
  • High resolution clickable images,
  • Solid documentation,
  • Better sliders,
  • Improved grid,
  • Google Analytics integrated,
  • Integration of all kinds of posts,
  • Share toggles for all leading social media platforms,
  • Animations, they will not make template heavier,
  • Banner captions,
  • Subscribe/join option,
  • Cloud tags widget,
  • Author profile.


Tumblr has got a few FB features because you have an option to actually like and spread other people’s posts. But this platform does have a very strict anti-spam policy calling it a dishonest and deceiving way to attract public attention. You can however add some Google AdSense, Infolinks or other advertising software. The good thing is that the team has not come up with a revenue split plan yet thus you get to keep it all.

Reblogging aka posting articles from other blogs is another one of the ways to monetize off the Tumblr online journal. Also do not forget proper tagging especially when certain tags are growing in popularity. Do not forget to also add some interesting info graphics, posts with additional graphics attract more attention thus allowing you to add more product placement and monetizing off it. If you put some thought behind your blog it will pay back very soon.