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Six Common Logo Design Mistakes Made by Startup Businesses

One of your primary marketing decisions you need to make when you launch a new business involves what type of logo you will utilize for your startup. Your startup’s logo oftentimes provides potential clients of customers with their first impression of your new venture. In addition, your logo is the key element of your branding that is intended to last … forever.

With this in mind, you need to understand what steps you need to take in order to develop the most appropriate logo for your new venture. In addition, you need to be well aware of common logo design mistakes that oftentimes are made by startup businesses. There are six common logo design mistakes.

#1 Design by an Amateur

A common practice associated with the launch of a new business is to recruit friends and family members to assist in the process. One of the reasons this is done is to attempt to save some money in the process of launching a new venture. A recurring example of when a friend or family member may volunteer assistance is in the design of a business logo.

If one of your friends or family members is a branding, marketing, and design professional, accepting assistance from such an individual can be appropriate. However, in most instances what happens is that someone without any real experience in branding and logo issues will volunteer to lend a hand.

This presents one of the most significant things you must avoid when needing a logo for a new venture. You must not have your logo designed by an amateur, including one that has your very best intentions in mind.

In many ways, your logo defines your business, particularly in the startup phase. If your logo looks amateurish, your business will be perceived as such. In the grand scheme of things, a startup that is perceived as amateurish is a new venture that is not apt to be long for the world.

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#2 Use Raster Images

Logos are technical in many ways. An unfortunate mistake that can be made in the design of a logo is the use of raster images. And, yes, this is the type of mistake a well-intentioned amateur is likely to make.

When designing a logo, vector graphics should be utilized. The reason raster images need to be avoided, and vector graphics used, is because vector graphics reproduce well, and raster images do not. When you obtain a logo for your new venture, you definitely want it to be capable of ready and sharp reproduction.

Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw are examples of software that utilize vector graphics. On the other hand,
Adobe Photoshop is not.

#3 Use Stock Art

Another logo design mistake is using stock art. The logo for your new business must be unique and completely original. A huge blunder that you can make when it comes to the logo for your startup is to utilize stock images.

There is nothing unlawful about using stock images. But, if you pluck a stock image to use in your logo, you can be virtually certain that the same image is being utilized for other purposes, including possibly in other logos.

#4 Detailed Logo

More is not usually better when it comes to a detailed logo design. The problem is that a logo design that is highly detailed simply does not read well when it is printed or viewed in a smaller size.

The problem is that a detailed logo loses its finer points when made smaller, and even when printed. Simplicity rules in this situation because a logo can easily be reproduced in a wide array of sizes.

#5 Make Color Primary

Time and again, logo designers — even logo designers with tremendous experience — rely on color to give a logo panache. This is an error. In reality, a well-designed logo is one that does not rely on color to work.
The best logos are those that focus on the design first and color as a secondary flourish. These types of logos are the most versatile and effective.

#6 Bad Font

Many experts assert that the most common reason why a logo fails is because the wrong font is selected. In the end, a font can kill a logo before it even has chance to be seen by many people.

A main reason why bad or inappropriate fonts are selected is because a business owner fails to take the issue of selecting a font seriously. Another reason rests in the fact that a designed is attempting to be creative by selecting an unusual font. The font selection should not be the key to making a logo unique.


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