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The Best Faucet For Beginners. How To Start Using The Bitcoin Faucet

  1. What’s a BTC faucet
  2. Types of faucets
  3. The most convenient faucet to use

What’s a BTC faucet

If you’ve decided to become the owner of the bitcoins, but have no idea about how to make money without investments, try to start with bitcoin faucets. What are they? These are the sites, which were originally created to popularize the cryptocurrency. They offer general information about its capabilities, making payments, and so on. And, as a bonus, after the captcha entry, a small amount is allocated to replenish the newly created wallet. Usually, by several thousands of satoshis. Many people realized that it was enough to create a simple website and place advertising there. And then just invest some small funds and share the revenue from advertising with visitors. Everyone is happy and everyone has income. Given the dynamics of the bitcoin course and the fact that it’s not subject to inflation and government control, it’s a very good start. The first thing to do is create a bitcoin wallet. There are lots of options for such wallets: from the application for a smartphone or a computer to an online wallet.

Types of faucets

So, cryptocurrency faucets are usually the specialized advertising sites. Logging in to these resources is usually free, but sometimes you need to pass a simple registration procedure. Most often, for registration, you just need to specify the email address and the address of your bitcoin wallet. After that just wait a bit and get satoshis. Such sites are available in two types:

  • Cumulative. Such sites constantly multiply the number of earnings even when the computer is off. The reward is fixed and the sum goes to the user’s account. Then the counter is reset.
  • Discrete. In these cases, the award is issued for a certain period of time. It can range from a few minutes to 24 hours. There are several actions that sites makers ask to perform. Among them, there are: playing a kind of lottery, participating in some games, solving some captcha, and clicking on some banners.

The most convenient faucet to use

Since payments are usually small, they are sent to the servers which are the micro-transaction gateways. After the necessary amount is accumulated on the sites of micro-transactions, a payment to the bitcoin wallet occurs. It usually takes from one day to a week, so have patience. Also, these services charge a commission for each transfer, which is worth considering. But there is one exception, in which, apart from the registration, no actions are required at all. I’ve found only one such service that really works and pays. It’s called Qoinpro. It’s the aggregator of bonuses for eight cryptocurrencies. And the main withdrawal of funds is available immediately. The registration will take two-three minutes and it’s really worth it.

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