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The Most Convenient Bitcoin Programs Of Various Types

The Most Suitable Bitcoin Software


  1. What such wallets are
  2. Wallets for PC & laptop
  3. Online & mobile wallets
  4. Best offline wallet
  5. Conclusion


Each person who decides to start using cryptocurrency for various purposes inevitably starts with the creation of bitcoin wallet, a program, device, or service that will become a depository of savings in the form of bitcoins and other coins. Many ignore the importance of this stage and are in a hurry to start buying and trading, and the bitcoin wallet is created on the run, which is later pitied. I recommend that you carefully analyze existing offers and, for your convenience, recommend the best bitcoin wallets.

What such wallets are

The choice of type of wallet depends on many factors. For example, the number of funds it’s planned to store, the owner’s requirements for reliability and security, and much more. The most secure of all, as it’s not difficult to guess, is a hardware wallet. It doesn’t have access to the Internet, and therefore can’t become the prey of hackers. But you can steal it physically. And also, without studying carefully the procedure for restoring access to such a wallet, you can lose it irretrievably if the device fails. PC programs are more vulnerable to the actions of intruders, especially if you are not using a basic wallet, which requires a full load of the chain of blocks for work. Mobile applications are extremely convenient, they are easy to use, and access to them is almost always unlike to the PC wallets, but the functionality is predictably limited. There’s not enough power and internal memory in smartphones. Web service is a choice of brave ones. To store your savings in Internet services is convenient, but to blindly rely on the honesty of not always well-known owners of the resource is still not the best idea. Some wallets are a combination of several types, for example, an online service and mobile application. I will list the most optimal solutions for each category.

Wallets for PC & laptop


  1. Bitcoin Core. If you are not sure which client to use, then choose Bitcoin Core. This application has a sufficiently high level of security, confidentiality, and it works stably. This is the official BTC software, and compared with other programs, it’s much ahead of them. But, nevertheless, the application has large resource requirements. If for this application your computer or laptop turns out to be weak, then for such cases there are other clients for managing Bitcoins. The peculiarity of Bitcoin Core can be attributed to the fact that the file wallet.dat is used to store your BTC addresses and keys to them. With the help of the client, the file can be encrypted using a password. The application is also multi-language. It’s possible to import and export keys. And also, the signature of messages is possible. Thanks to the supported work through the command line, you can use additional client features that are not included in the graphical environment. Also, there’s a program called Armory. Armory performs its work above Bitcoin Core and expands its functionality. To make it work, you need to install the official Bitcoin Core client. Armory is easy to use and even novice users can cope with it. Along with improved security under your control, it supports having several wallets. It will reliably protect your data from Internet attacks. With Armory, you can create messages that you can sign using the private key of the Bitcoin address. This is necessary for the recipient to know that this message was sent from you.
  2. Electrum is one of the most popular Bitcoin programs for personal computers. It works very fast and is easy to use. Electrum uses third-party servers to confirm transactions, and this reduces the amount of data being downloaded. But at the same time, it reduces the level of security and anonymity. Because your data is sent to centralized servers that speed up work but allow to associate actions with your IP address. This application maximizes the workflow in the Bitcoin network and minimizes resource consumption. After you install the application, you will be offered a choice of the server to which you will later be connected. You can choose from the list provided, or you can offer your server. After these actions, a secret phrase will be generated, which should be written somewhere. In addition, Electrum allows you to use offline storage if you have a computer that is not connected to the network to increase security. You can restore the wallet using a special mnemonic code of 12 words, and you can also use Tor to increase anonymity. The main advantage of this client is the minimization of the resources used and the quick work with the Bitcoin network. Most operations are performed outside the client, on a server that you can select from the list or specify your own. To work with Electrum, a special seed code will be generated, which eliminates the need to create backup copies. One of the advantages of the program is the support of devices on Android, which greatly simplifies the use of the client.

Online & mobile wallets


  1. EXMO is the best trading platform for the cryptocurrency, where automatic bitcoin wallet is created for each participant. You can also have many other additional accounts. The most important possibility is that for dollars and euros you can buy BTC on the stock exchange. And when the course grows, you can sell without any losses and withdraw money. If there are problems with replenishment of the account, you can use Bitcoin exchangers, but there will be a higher commission. Remember, that it’s dangerous to store money on trade exchanges. They are often robbed, so on EXMO, it’s recommended buying a cryptocurrency and transferring it to another wallet.
  2. Xapo is an online service that offers to store cryptocurrency and gives it a place on its servers. This requires a phone number and personal data. Has a high degree of protection:
  • Without signing in, your wallet will not be active
  • Also, you’ll have a dynamic account (the address changes)
  • There is a Pin-code setting
  • Binds the account to the phone

Xapo has a mobile application and even sells out plastic cards for payment in shops. In general, this is the first and largest bitcoin service in the world.

Best offline wallet


Trezor is a company that produces USB flash drives. The wallet itself is located on their website, but for sending the BTC, confirmation is always required, and it’s made exclusively with the help of the device. Thus, you get maximum protection and even if someone hacks the Trezor site or your computer, they still won’t be able to transfer Bitcoins to another account. The price of such a device is $99.


Remember that security should be in the first place, especially if you are going to store a large number of bitcoins. So think twice before choosing a wallet.


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