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The Most Significant UX Design Trends For 2018

Top-7 UX Design Trends For 2018

Finally, UX design has been worth the attention of experts in the design world. That is why 2017 was marked by the development of smart technologies e.g. Augmented Reality, voice UI, artificial intelligence etc. What should we expect for UX and what trends are predicted by designers in 2018? Read further.

design trends

Accessibility First

This means that previously odd words used in design should become real products and experience that matter in people everyday life. UX designers intend to stop making the content of the page hard to understand for average users, animating every picture element only because of its nice look. Design should be made with the user in mind and the ego should be moved to the second place.

Accessibility First

Storytelling Interface

2017 was a year when UX designers and copywriters found the common language and began collaboration. Their joint work aspires to develop in 2018. More design companies add ‘UX Writer’ job title to their vacancies. You may ask what common is in copywriting and design. The fact is that each and every designer is a storyteller who should choose the right words when creating the interface of a landing page or chatbot conversation to communicate a message core to the audience. Let’s take a closer look at chatbots. They are about the word exchange between users and the machine, that is why the words ought to be thoroughly chosen to give people understanding on how to communicate with the bot. With all that being said, in 2018 not the look but the story the interface can tell will be essential.

landing page

Voice-Based Interface

UIs as a visual element are smoothly disappearing, screens are getting not required because all possible interactions start happening through voice, gestures etc. For the last year at least 30 million households began to use a voice-first device like Google Home or Amazon Echo, Alexa or Cortana. That being said, voice activation and ‘screenless’ design are something expected in UX design in the near future. This will definitely inspire designers to innovate and experiment yet demand much efforts to make VUI convenient for masses.

Interesting Facts:

  • By 2020, about 30% of all web surfing sessions will be performed without a display (as per Gartner).
  • By 2022, about 55% of all US families will have their own voice-enabled speaker system, so it will become a crucial goal to make it as user-friendly as possible.


Collaboration In Design

Here we are going to talk about prototyping as a way of collaboration. This tool is important not only for designers yet for the whole product improvement lifespan. Prototyping is also necessary for developers for picking style code fragment and prevent misconception with the design. Thank to collaboration, designers and developers are able to give a feedback and establish collective understanding, so the end result becomes better and can be adopted to masses. Even though collaboration and flexibility are key values, yet designers have to be ready for a challenge what means they should understand the developer’s work. Those UX designers who are savvy about the code will be a driving factor for the innovations and make the cooperation smoother if they are ready to learn about GUI development.


Instruments For Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration has brought live tools that allow everyone making notes and staying involved in the discussion. Well-know Google Docs, Freehand by Invision and Figma have been augmented by,, Pixelboard, and Slack with its updated screen sharing functions. To keep the project open for interesting ideas and research results, and be able to monitor changes, go ahead with such tools like git, Folio, Abstract, Kactus, and Plant. They are recommended by master developers yet we expect more tools to appear this year. We are sure this is not enough for you and you want to get more instruments for sharing knowledge and experience because this is the most crucial things in communication. Anticipating this, we have prepared some useful tools for creating a shareable storage with instructions from workshops. WeWork along with Polaris are sharing information of researches, Milanote is a tool for creating boards to manage everything. Yet, we believe that 2018 will bring more helpful and powerful research tools.

real time

Virtual Reality

Being a UX design feature, virtual reality is ready for mass adoption which may begin in 2018. Entertainment, medical sector, and more fields expect for virtual reality integration that will turn user experience upside down. Yet remember that only excellent UX design which is in hands of designers may let the virtual reality rocks. This year will become challenging for designers, because they will have to overpower the creation of more persuasive UX than ever e.g. building lifelike VR surroundings, creating convenient handsfree, finding out about new patterns, frameworks, and techniques. Those who are able to adapt fast will be ahead.

Virtual Reality

UX Researcher

UX job market has been recently updated with a new vacancy that sounds like ‘UX Researchers’. Since the companies have begun to accept a great value of a top-notch user experience, they are ready to invest funds in professionals. This is one of the reasons why well-qualified and skilled specialists have more chance to be hired to develop the innovative UX product in 2018. UX Researchers are highly needed to find such designers of natural gifts.



Trends discussed in the article are just a drop in the ocean. There are much more of them and new ones regularly appear. We found 2017 to be a year of UX design recognizing. 2018 is going to be a year of innovations and challenges. The gap between UI and UX designers is being gradually faded, they become more versatile and understand principles of both spheres. Yet this is not the end. Those who are ready to learn a lot, make efforts to understand how coding works, follow the latest design tendencies will definitely get many interesting yet challenging working suggestions. Stay tuned and step ahead!



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