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Things You Should Know About Unobvious Text In Instagram

Text And Its Role In Instagram

Do you know what Instagram has begun from? Lifestyle photos, pictures of food and nature, photos from travelings, and almost no words. Now, the tendency has changed and more people vote for text in Instagram accounts, especially when it comes to bloggers. Yet we are not going to speak about an obvious text like posts or comments. Today we will cover some examples of non-specific text use which is crucial for brands yet is not paid much attention to. This causes mistakes and stores or services lost the clients. So, what are we talking about? Keep on reading. If you are a young brand and has just created your Instagram store, this article will be useful for you.

Text On Avatar

Avatar is the first thing the client sees opening IG. The main goal of the avatar is to show the brand to the customers and help them to remember it. It is obvious that the avatar should contain brand name. That being said the more clear avatar is the faster the client finds the brand through the others. Yet the brands still make mistakes within avatars. Among them are the follows:

  • Smeared letters or characters stand too close which causes the name to be unrecognizable.
  • Small letters.
  • The title is hard to read right, so the users may confuse their friends pronouncing the name bottom-up.
    Text On Avatar
    Text On Avatar

To prevent the above-mentioned mistakes, the text should be written in the clear font on the bright background without unwanted details and there should be a contrast between the title and background. We have one simple yet important advice: prior to creating the avatar, show it to the people who do not know the brand. If they can read it with no hassle, go ahead.

Text On Avatar
Text On Avatar


Nickname is the second thing the user pay attention to. If the consumers write the nickname with a mistake, they may not be able to find the required account or are supposed a list of alike accounts. To avoid the error, the nickname should be easy to pronounce and written in a simple way with no difficult symbols like a low line or dots. Make sure your brand name is easy to write down on hearing. To make it easier, you may:

  • If the nickname consists of two-three words, it makes sense to write it in one word avoiding any additional symbols, so the user will not rack the brain while searching for the brand.

Nickname Nickname

  • Find the word which can be written by a child after the third English lesson. The words with no two- or three-letter syllables (e.g. school) are best suited for this purpose. In case this cannot be achieved, the word should be well-known and appear in ads.


Account Profile

Account description or profile is the information provided in 3-4 lines below the avatar. Commonly, the stores write what they offer, their operating hours and sometimes paste the links to their blog if the one exists. Remember that the maximum length of the description is 150 characters. The common error is that the companies provide the information yet it is not useful for the users at all. Because of communication buttons having appeared through business accounts, some brands miss the importance of detailed profile description being confident that the visitors will contact them pushing the buttons. But they are not always noticed, so the potential client leaves in confusion. Do not know where to start? Here is a minimum list of points what you should add to your company’s profile:

  • Business’ purpose to give the understanding on what it does.
  • Address if the company does not have online store etc.
  • Communication methods e.g. Viber, Telegram, Instagram Direct etc.
  • Operating hours. If you are working around the clock, make sure to mention it.
  • Link to online store if you have one.
  • Sales and beneficial deals.

Account Profile
Remember that the profile information should be clear to users and they are able to understand what they can get if they follow you. This is the most important idea that needs to be adhered while working on your account description.

Text On Illustrations

Finally, we’ve come closer to more specific text functions important for brands. The text on photos or illustrations helps in selling, tells the latest news and supports the brand concept. Usually, each brand has its own sign which distinguishes it from the others and makes it recognizable at first sight. It can be either frame or color, or specific typeface. Any text on the photo may tell about promotions, upcoming events or new collection. It works as a call to action. Common mistakes you can face here:

  • The text overlaps the image.
  • The text is not readable. The font color coincides with the background.

Text On Illustrations
To build an attractive Instagram page with thousands of followers, remember the rule: the text should be a part of the brand concept.

Text On Illustrations
Text On Illustrations
Text On Illustrations

Subtitles For Stories

Stories is one more powerful instrument to tell about the brand. Yet it is important to know that lifestyle photos and videos does not work when it comes to a brand. Professional videos, images with animation or real-time videos should be used in stories to promote the company. Here are a few short tips you should know to run a top-notch business account:

  • Stories with subtitles. According to statistics, stories with subtitles get more views. Probably because people see stories during the work and have no chance to turn on the sound. That is why it is often hard to understand what is happening on the screen when subtitles miss.

  • Subtitles should be easy to read. Appropriate typeface along with contrast between the font and background will help you achieve this.

  • Subtitles should be appropriate. When video or photo is easy to understand, leave them without words. If you advertise a promo or invite to the official showroom opening, add some words, so it calls the users to action.

  • Short and simple phrases.

  • Fewer adjectives and more details.

more details

  • Instagram update: eternal stories. Add a title to them which works as unobvious text as well.

eternal stories.

Mailing Text In Direct

They highlight three types of mailing lists which we are going to tell about. They are:

  • Aggressive mailing usually includes promo codes, sales announcements, exclusive offers, promotions with a limited expiration date. This kind of mailing works for beginning brands, specifically when the clients know nothing about it, but want to try something new with a good discount. Companies offering inexpensive products may also benefit from this mailing.
  • Personal mailing is characterized by brief queries from company’s representative, an invitation to the opening, assistance offer. Sincerity is a brand special trait. The representative writes clients rather with care than to advertise one of the products.

Personal mailing

  • Mailing with advertising another account or site. How it works: your partner sends a mailing to followers and advertise your company. Make sure your partner is a well-known and reliable brand, so then you will be able to get more subscribers and potential clients.

We encourage you to try all three methods to understand what works better for your brand.
In short, Instagram is a convincing platform for business and brand development. If you have not had the account yet, do not waste the time, register your brand on Instagram right away.



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