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Top 10 Companies That Provide Hosting for WordPress Sites

Best WordPress hosting providers

according to users reviews

Table of contents:

Choosing provider for WP site

You need a good hosting provider company for your WordPress website. That’s highly important to pick up the right company. Why? Everything is simple. The health of your site depends on the general speed of the WordPress hosting services. So, you need to make a research about WordPress hosting sites functioning. And where should you start? There are lots of advertising info on the web. Those articles say that company A is the best WordPress hosting service on the market. Another admitted that company B is the best. So, where’s the truth?

We are happy to offer you a research that was made by our specialists. The purpose of the analysis is to define the perfect company for your WordPress site. This helpful analysis was made on several items:

  • Uptime. It needs to be lower than 99,95%.
  • Load time of the hosting services. Also known as speed.
  • Clients support of the hosting provider company.

Our experts highlight 10 best WordPress hosting companies while making the analysis of the market. We offer you to read the article and get closer to this highly engaging question. You won’t see here any advertising information. This text is based on the bald numbers. Are you interested? Let’s check these statistics together.

Top 10 WordPress web hosting companies

Now you’ll get acquainted with 10 companies which offer the fastest WordPress hosting services. You’ll read facts and bare numbers about their functioning. Getting closer to this article will give you a chance to pick up the best WordPress hosting company on the market. So, let’s begin our research with the first web hosting company.

  1. Arvixe. This WordPress host company was founded in 2003. The performance of their hosting services was excellent. Nevertheless, it was only at the beginning. Things have changed when it was bought by the Endurance International Group (E.I.G.). What exactly can we tell about this hosting service for the WordPress site? The speed is average. It’s around 750 ms while the speed of the other services is less than 400 ms. It seems to us that the difference is obvious. The load time is also not so impressive. It’s about 5,802 ms. That’s not so good. Another hosting providers show much better results. You may pick up Arvixe if the speed indication is not so crucial for your(19) online business.

  2. Dreamhost. Another hosting company with awesome customers support service. That’s the reason why WordPress community loves it. Dreamhost is another hosting company that has the network with more than 1,5 million sites. Impressive, isn’t it? That’s is due to the fact that it is on the market since 1996. This company claims to be best WordPress hosting with(12) high-tech equipment. That’s despite the fact it was attacked by the hackers and one of its sites provided anti-Trump information during the elections. Dreamhost is a popular WordPress hosting with general page load time 1,085 ms. The uptime of the hosting platform is 99,13%. That’s pretty low. Nevertheless, this web hosting company has some benefits. They will fund your account for every time they had issues with your website. Moreover, their customers hosting support is pretty quick with answering their client’s technical requests. You can receive a quick answer from the customers support if you have any questions concerning your site.

  3. Site5. One more WordPress hosting provider which was created in 1999 by Matt Lighter. Later he decided to sell his company to the Endurance International Group. It was promoted as the best WordPress hosting company for web designers. This hosting offers great customers support with phone, email and live chat support. Moreover hosting plans of Site5 offer a 3-month money back guarantee. That’s good if you want to test companie’s hosting service for free. Speaking about the payments, Site5 has 3 pricing plans. They vary from $6.95 to $11.95. It gives a possibility to pick up the best hosting plan for your WordPress site. The uptime of the service is 99.91% and load time is 865 ms.

  4. IPage. Another online brand which offers WordPress hosting services since 1998. It serves over one million of customers. It was purchased by the Endurance International Group and since that times worked as part of this company. This website hosting has loyal price policy. IPage offers possibly the cheapest hosting options. Its regular monthly fee is $3.75. This is the rate for 12-36 month. You can make a good deal if you decide to lock your hosting account with that price. The customers’ support is not so good. As a result, this service has a poor reputation. Speaking of the statistics, it has 99,95% uptime and 911 ms load time.

  5. GreenGeeks. This provider was founded by Trey Gardner in 2006. It serves more than 300,000 clients. That’s a big number for this WordPress web company. GreenGeek’s uptime is 99,97% and it’s load time is 914 ms. That’s an impressive result. Everything is fine with the customers’ service. You can get a quick and informative reply via email, phone, and live chat all day long. GreenGeek has fine pricing policy. Its monthly fee starts at $3.95. Moreover, this WordPress online brand has 30 days money back guarantee.

  6. A2. This WP provider was founded in 2001. It has a long history. Nevertheless, it became popular only a few years ago. A2 is one of the fastest WP hosting sites on the market. The load time of this provider is 475 ms. That’s a good speed. Somehow, it’s even better than Hostgator and Siteground. It’s a pity but this company has average uptime with 99.90% number. A2 offers high-qualified customers support. Questions can be asked via email, phone, live chat and ticket system. Our specialists checked those contacts remained satisfied with the answers of the A2 support team. Its prices start with shared hosting for only $3.92 per month.

  7. InMotion. Another privately held WordPress provider which was created in 2001. It has the customers base with more than 300,000 domains. Inmotion offers an uptime of 99,97% and 689 ms load time. The company promotes themselves as the best hosting company for business. Its pricing starts at $2.95 for hosting your site. This service has some drawbacks. The most serious one is that there’s no instant account access for the customers outside North America. You should keep that in mind while picking up provider for WordPress online resource. Get what you need for your online business with InMotion hosting.

  8. Bluehost. This WordPress cloud hosting company is a good choice for blogging and online business. Bluehost is optimized for WordPress that’s why we offer you their services if you want to create a site based on WP platform. This company offers their services with 99.97% uptime and 475 ms load time. It’s definitely one of best web hosting services from our list. Bluehost has quick and informative clients support service. They can give any answer about web hosting plan or functioning of your website.

  9. SiteGround. It’s one of the best WordPress hosting companies that offers high-quality services since 2004. SiteGround has a network with more than 800,000 sites all over the world. The prices begin from $3,95. That’s a normal price for all the clients. You can be impressed with its stats. Its average load time is 505 ms and uptime is 99.98%. SiteGround has very helpful and friendly customers support. Our specialists tried to contact them via live chat and they got their answers very quickly. In addition, SiteGround has one benefit. It’s officially recommended by web service.

  10. Hostgator. Fast WordPress hosting that was founded in 2003. Later it became the part of the Endurance International Group. This premium hosting has impressive stats. It offers clients incredible 99,99% uptime and 580 ms load time. Hostgator sells its Starter Plan hosting package for $2.95. This company has lots of advantages. We’ll define such as free WordPress installation, good load time and free site transfer. This online company has more than 10 million customers all over the globe. That’s the reason why you should trust these guys.

Best WordPress hosting service you really deserve

Hope that this review will help you to pick up the best provider for your WP website. Our specialists made a great research and you are welcome to take a closer look at the problem of picking up best provider for your site. We’ll dare to recommend you providers with less than 650 ms and 99.95%. Nevertheless, the choice is up to you. Don’t forget to tell your point of view considering this question. We are interested in your thoughts about the best provider company for WP website.