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Hello, dear reader. Today we are going to talk about the resume and the successful passing of the job interview. I will explain in detail all the necessary information, and also give a list of recommendations. Let’s start!
Resume – this is your business card, your first introduction to the employer and correspondence acquaintance. Many applicants are concerned with the question – what kind of resume should be to make a proper impression on the employer. Immediately it should be said that a single standard form, form or resume template does not exist, it is made in an arbitrary form, but must meet the requirements. The general rule of writing a resume is clarity: the summary should not be too voluminous, the data in it should be informative and truthful.
The purpose of the resume is to attract attention to yourself at the first, as a rule, correspondence meeting, to make a favorable impression and to induce the employer to invite you to a personal meeting.
Hence the main principle of writing a resume is to emphasize all the positive aspects and make it as imperceptible as possible that your strong point is not. Recruiters note that there are two main criteria by which they evaluate a resume: filling and decorating.

Filling a resume

The most optimal resume structure consists of 6 blocks.

  1. Personal information of the applicant. Full Name. Contact information (address, telephone, e-mail). City of residence. Possible age.
  2. Wishes for future work. The title of the position you are applying for (it should be the same as stated by the employer). You can have the desired salary. Recruiters note, often have to face the fact that it is not entirely clear from the submitted resume, what the applicant would like to do, especially if before that he often changed the scope of activities. If you are applying for several vacancies, write a resume for each vacancy.
  3. Experience. Describe in the resume only the experience that corresponds to the vacancy. Place the work items in the reverse chronological order (last place at the beginning of the list). Indicate the period of work, the name of the company, the scope of its activities. The main functional duties, job tasks, the number of subordinates should be described in detail, and the practical results achieved in the course of the work or implementation of the projects are given. However, avoid too detailed a description, especially if you moved from one job to another in the same company.
  4. Education. First of all, name the education that allows you to apply for a position. Information about additional education (courses, training) is relevant only if it is related to the vacancy.
  5. Professional skills. Skills and knowledge that will be useful in a position. The block “Skills” sums up what you learned during your work or university. The degree of computer skills, languages.
  6. Additional information. It mentions the possibility of moving to another city. If appropriate, write about the driver’s license, car, passport, marital status, and hobbies.


A separate point is the presence of recommendations from reputable leaders from previous places of work. If you quit your job, especially if you are dismissed for reduction, ask for a recommendation from the employer – this can be a pass to the future job. How is it easier for you to perceive written information: in a structured form or in a continuous text without paragraphs, indents, lists, and tables? So it is more convenient for the recruiter to read the text, broken even into paragraphs. Do not write “sheets” of the text. Fill in each section separately if you compose a resume using a template.

Making a resume.

There are certain rules, the observance of which always adds points to the challenger.

  1. All dates in the resume should be listed in reverse chronological order.
  2. The resume should be concise, ideally – one page: HR-managers especially appreciate the ability to briefly formulate their thoughts. The text should be broken into short paragraphs, the font – Times New Roman or Arial, font size – 12-14 points. For the emphasis in the CV, it is better to use boldface font (not italic, not underlining).
  3. The resume should be checked for the absence of spelling mistakes – making mistakes, the competitor spoils the reputation in advance. If you are not sure about your literacy, use the spelling checker in a word, or online spelling check services.
  4. Even if your resume is compiled correctly, you should always rework it before sending it to a specific employer. After reviewing the vacancy to which you respond, you need to edit your document in accordance with the requirements of the company. Very often, companies’ websites already have a resume or a resume form to fill out.
  5. It is necessary to consider the specifics of the company. If you are a developer and respond to a vacancy in a company that develops games, it’s logical to build your resume and describe your experience, precisely based on the gaming focus and your experience is in the development of games.
  6. Do not try to write all the technologies that you have heard about. Write only what you are sure of. Do not exaggerate your past posts and responsibilities. The truth will necessarily pop out.
  7. Describe the real projects with significant achievements. Do not use pattern phrases, such as “developed applications” or “tested software.” Write what you are really proud of.
  8. Having a successful business photo on the resume is a plus – the employer sees in advance the person with whom he will communicate, and thus forms a credit of trust.

And, finally, one more recommendation from HR managers – even if you use recruiters when searching for a job, insist that a potential employer receive a resume written in your style, rather than an agency template. This will allocate you from the general mass of candidates. When there is a task to choose the right candidate from a lot of sent CV. Pay attention not only to those candidates who have the greatest experience but also to those who have made something memorable and unique. Sometimes, especially for designers, the design of your resume plays a very important role in the hiring process.
If you do not want to spend too much time and want to take advantage of the cool template of the resume template, I present to your attention


Top Selling Resume/CV Bundle: 10 Templates

Top Selling Resume/CV Bundle: 10 Templates

1.Infographic resume


Create an excellent resume easily and quickly with an already prepared colorful infographic resume. A bright pink design will not disregard your potential employer. You can quickly and easily create the desired resume with the help of convenient editing tools such as charts and icons. This template can be used for any profession. This design template organizes your skills and qualifications in a portrait layout with paint graphics, banners and San Serif font from our media library. Create your own style using a huge number of fonts, colors, lines etc. Get a dream job in one click using the Infographic resume!

2. Pastel Green- Yellow Professional Resume


You need a professionally designed resume for a successful interview. Use the template from this collection. Pleasant, unobtrusive colors in pastel colors never go out of fashion. You will prove yourself as a reserved and responsible person ready for diligent work. Create your own unique design with a wide selection of colors, fonts, special icons. Just download this template via our interface, and then let your imagination run wild. There is also a place for your photo in the corner space. Use our sliders to adjust the contrast you want. Remember that a good resume is half of the success. Dare!

3. Orange Professional Executive Assistant Resume

Orange Professional Executive Assistant Resume

You just have to leave only the best impression of yourself to the employer using this wonderful pattern in orange tones. Your personal information immediately catches the eye, so the future employer sure will not forget your name for hiring a job. Customize the information you need easily and quickly with easy-to-use editing tools. If you get bored with a boring and similar resume, then play with the imagination and get the desired result. Do not forget to check the data before sending it to print! Or send a CV to an email address in any corner of the world.

4. Green Background Resume

Green Background Resume

Green has a strong enough energy. It is the color of nature, youth, freshness, hope, and fun. Like any other, the green color has a mass of shades and, depending on the tone, has a different effect on the human psyche. In general, the green color both soothes and tones. It stimulates mental activity, so it is ideal for a resume. A calm design does not detract from your information. But you can easily change the design as you want and when you want. Use a huge number of fonts and colors that will satisfy the creative need of any person.

5. Monochromatic Minimalist Modern Resume

Monochromatic Minimalist Modern Resume

A discreet, calm design with perfect lines and a beautiful structure will never go out of fashion. The Monochromatic Minimalist Modern Resume is ideal for real connoisseurs of classics. This design will ideally convey your professional qualities and skills. Using convenient editing tools, you can easily change the style, color, font, also you can apply special effects to give photos vintage. Feel free to show your imagination with this resume template. Carefully check the information you filled out before sending it to a future employer! Be sure that you are guaranteed a successful interview. Let’s start work easily and fast!

6. Medical: Resume Template


The profession of medicine means accuracy and tremendous responsibility. With this elegant resume template, you can show the full range of your professional qualities to get the best position in the dream clinic. Choose the desired font, color, but do not forget about the formalities when completing this document. A clear, concise design will not distract attention from the information you fill out. Start filling out information with the greatest achievements in medicine. This definitely will not leave the employer indifferent. Include patient management, administrative and technology proficiencies as well as clinical skills. Get a dream job using our perfect the Medical: Resume Template!

7. Professional Software Engineer Resume

Professional Software Engineer Resume

With the help of modern and attractive design, your resume will stand out among the gray masses, among a bunch of other resumes. Show your professional qualities in the best possible light. The resume features a simple white background with red and black text and dividing lines. But you can easily change the design to your liking in a matter of seconds. Drag your photo and change the contrast or give a special style of photography. Prove to a potential employer that he needs an engineer like you. Your competitors will be far behind you. Don’t lose your chance to get a dream job!

8. Professional Musician Resume

Professional Musician Resume

If you are a talented and creative musician who is looking for a good job, then this template will help you achieve your goal! You can easily list all your achievements and professional qualities and skills on just one sheet of paper! The interface is so simple and easy to use that you fill in the all necessary information in a matter of minutes. Create your own and unique style using convenient editing tools. Give free rein to creativity. Your resume will not exactly lie in the pile of other resumes. You will definitely win this competition with the help of the Professional Musician Resume!

9. Yellow Woman Photo Customer Service Resume

Yellow Woman Photo Customer Service Resume

The art of photography is not only the ideal combination of light, background, subject posture but also in the ability to preserve the image in its original form when transmitted to an electronic medium. The responsibility is to process the photo, which implies freedom for imagination. It is he who is engaged in image correction, imposes various effects and filters, makes photo collages. The resume template in a pleasant yellow color immediately positively disposes of the employer. Show all your creativity and originality by changing the style of the template at your own wish. Let’s start working with the Yellow Woman Photo Customer Service Resume!

10. Minimalist Videographer Resume

Minimalist Videographer Resume

If your heart is burning with desire to make films, and at the same time you are looking for a good job, then this template is the best solution for you. This template with an attractive bright design, of course, will not leave indifferent any employer. Your resume will remember exactly, no matter what position you are applying for. No matter whether you’re applying for an indie film, a role as an editor, or for the production staff. Show all the creative power! Show that you are the best operator, which is so necessary for the employer. Go for it!

11. Retail Brand Manager Template

Retail Brand Manager Template

It is time to tell your story to a potential employer, it is time to tell about your brand. This stylish brutal design perfectly conveys all the power and courage. All you need is to fill in the necessary information and send it to the email address. And you are already a winner. Be sure that you will be contacted as soon as possible. Change the color, style, font with one click of the mouse. You can easily understand the easy and convenient to use interface. Create an excellent resume easy and fast using our gorgeous Retail Brand Manager Template.

12. Professional Licensed Nurse Resume

Professional Licensed Nurse Resume

A nurse is the first assistant to a doctor. It is a great responsibility. Traditional design in blue tones favorably influences people. Clear lines in a clear format indicate that you will be able to provide the necessary medical care in various situations. This is the responsibility of your profession. Attractive design will not leave indifferent the potential employer, so the desired position will soon become yours. Using an easy-to-use interface, you easily and quickly create a resume of your dreams. Prove that the nurse is a very caring and compassionate medical professional using our the Professional Licensed Nurse Resume!

13. Pop Pink Professional Artist Resume

Pop Pink Professional Artist Resume

Make yourself easily and quickly resume your dreams using our template! A bright, attractive design will show how creative and an extraordinary person you are. The bright pink makes sure this is a resume template with pop. This template is so easy to edit, using easy-to-use editing tools, that you do not even notice how quickly time flies. Create your own unique resume style by playing with a huge number of colors, font, etc. Be sure that in the competition for the work of a dream you definitely win. The Pop Pink Professional Artist Resume is the best choice for a creative person like you!

14. Minimal Multimedia Artist Resume

Minimal Multimedia Artist Resume

With the help of such a bright and memorable design, your resume will not exactly merge with a stack of other boring and monotonous resumes. The layout has a light pink background and a yellow border and dividing lines, as well as text in the corresponding dark pink and black color. But if you want to change, go ahead! Using a wide scepter of colors, fonts, styles, you can achieve the desired result. Easy-to-use editing tools will help you with this. Do not be afraid to experiment, show your imagination to full power using our the best Minimal Multimedia Artist Resume!

15. Simple Social Worker Resume

Simple Social Worker Resume

This simple but at the same time an elegant resume template is ideal for people who are used to the standard kind of resume. It is ideal for those who work in the service sector, culture or social worker. Light, pastel colors have a positive effect on the employer, showing that you are a responsible person ready to work hard. Provide all the necessary information about yourself in a matter of minutes. This is not difficult at all with the help of a user-friendly interface. Get a great resume that will help you get a job using the Simple Social Worker Resume!

16. Prominent Business Manager Resume

Prominent Business Manager Resume

To successfully complete the interview, you need two things: confidence and a good resume. Using this resume template, you can easily and quickly create an ideal resume, while not wasting a lot of time in vain. Show yourself and provide your professional qualities in the best possible way using a huge number of editing tools. All you need is to add the information you need. Thus, you will save valuable time for preparation directly for the interview. This resume is a great way to show all your creative nature. The Prominent Business Manager Resume will help in achieving your goals!

17. Adventurous Filmmaker Resume

Adventurous Filmmaker Resume

This simple and gentle design is perfect for any novice photographer or videographer to show their creativity. You can add three of your unique images and fill them with your star experience so that the employer understands that he was looking for you. This smart resume will not leave indifferent any employer. Be prepared that you will receive a lot of proposals about the work. Show your best work in the best possible light. Clear lines, beautiful design will help you carry out your plans. Show how talented and unique you are with the help of the Adventurous Filmmaker Resume!

18. Pastel Pink and Blue Modern Resume

Pastel Pink and Blue Modern Resume

This gorgeous resume template with pastel blue and pink tones is perfect for any profession, be it a chef, make-up artist, stylist, etc. This is all due to the fact that you can easily configure it using a magnificent palette of colors, fonts. This will help you with easy-to-use editing tools. As a result, you will have a beautiful resume, which certainly will not remain without attention. In our online editor, you just need to add the necessary information about you. Then it’s up to your fancy. Feel how easy it is to turn a boring occupation into a fun pastime with benefit.

19. Ivory Coffee Minimalist Resume

Ivory Coffee Minimalist Resume

This modern resume template is perfect for the superb barista who wants to show all of their skills in the best possible way with the help of this customizable template’s ivory background, vector icon of a hand handing out coffee, simple rectangle shapes and lines and minimalist typography in a contemporary layout. All you need is to fill in the information in the required fields. Easy-to-use editing tools will help you figure it out. After checking the completed data, print out your resume or send it by email. Success is guaranteed to you. The Ivory Coffee Minimalist Resume will help realize your dream!

20. Colorful Foliage Creative Resume

Colorful Foliage Creative Resume

Forget boring, monotonous resumes that you are so tired of! This stunning colorful resume template will help you win the battle for the work of your dreams. You just need to insert the desired text! The stunning template is embellished with a colorful vector illustrated a pattern of foliage, white text boxes and a simple font type for its lack and orange text. Provide your data and professional qualities in the best way! You can change the design to the desired one at any time. You will do this in one click with the help of editing tools, which are so easy to use.

21. Colorful Modern Watercolor Resume

Colorful Modern Watercolor Resume

If you are a florist and flowers for you is everything in life, then this bright and memorable resume template is the best solution for you. Play with a lot of colors and show what you are capable of. Do not doubt that your resume will be noticed and will not leave indifferent the potential employer. Create your own unique design in accordance with the specifics of your profession. Use a huge number of editing tools to create the desired result. Tell us about the profession of the florist in a way that no one else has done using the Colorful Modern Watercolor Resume.

22. Blue Aquamarine Colorful Resume

Blue Aquamarine Colorful Resume

With this ready-made resume template, which has a blue and aquamarine palette with an accent of beige and white watercolor strokes, you will be able to impress the employer on two counts. This template allows you to change the style on your own at any time. Use it as a pattern. Unleash your imagination. This template allows you to replace fonts, customize colors, move things and add additional elements, such as icons and diagrams from an extensive graphics library. Do not forget to check the information before sending it to the employer! Make dreams come true easily with the Blue Aquamarine Colorful Resume!

23. Purple Brushes Surface Colorful Resume

Purple Brushes Surface Colorful Resume

Thanks to the bright purple strokes and bold fonts, this resume template will turn your resume into a real work of art! The employer will be in a pleasant shock. All your information will be located in the elegant two columns. It is very convenient and readable. The template is completely customizable. This means that you can change the design of the template as your heart requires. You can apply various filters and effects to your photo to make the photo more memorable. Show all the power of your possibilities on just one page using the perfect Purple Brushes Surface Colorful Resume!

24. Pastel Lined Grid Boxes Fashion Stylish Colorful Resume

Pastel Lined Grid Boxes Fashion Stylish Colorful Resume

The structure in the form of boxes is very convenient for filling and perception of information. All the necessary information is immediately in the foreground. Nothing extra. Pleasant mint and lilac colors have a relaxing effect. Light psychology. This is very important in achieving success. If you can change the design of the template, the convenient editing tools will help you with this. Just add the desired font and color and the wow effect is guaranteed. Simply send your resume to print or email the employer at the end of the work. The Pastel Lined Grid Boxes Fashion Stylish Colorful Resume is one of the steps to success.

25. Purple Web Developer Resume

Purple Web Developer Resume

With the help of an already prepared resume template, you will create a resume of the dream, you create a resume that corresponds to your profession, with our collection of photos, illustrations, shapes, lines, and styles of fonts from our media library, in which your personal data will be presented in the best possible light. Special icons are very cool in contrast with such a purple background. This gives secrecy and audacity at the same time. The template is fully customizable, so change the font, color, etc. at any time in our judgment. Get success using the Purple Web Developer Resume!

26. White with Photo Florist Modern Resume

White with Photo Florist Modern Resume

Use this is an excellent resume that will show your passion for your work and all the love for beautiful flowers. Use this customizable template with a frame with a stunning image of bright colored pink, red and purple flowers. It also uses white text and a simple, modern font. Add your company logo, personal information and voila, a resume that will be remembered by a potential employer is ready. Our easy and convenient to use editing tools will help you customize this template based on your preferences. The White with Photo Florist Modern Resume is one of the steps for a successful interview.

27. Salmon Modern Creative Resume

Salmon Modern Creative Resume

The design of this resume template is ideal for creative people who are tired of the gray monotonous resume style. Salmon color makes your information more enjoyable for reading, and large text illustrations and a wide range of colors give your resume an individuality. You can make your template more recognizable by transforming it into your own style. Use our easy-to-use editing tools to achieve the desired result. Enter personal information and information about professional skills easily and quickly. You will have plenty of time to prepare for the interview. Get all that you want with the Salmon Modern Creative Resume!

28. Cream Pencil Creative Resume

Cream Pencil Creative Resume

Add your professional data and achievements, using any of our bold fonts or modern typographic projects. With the help of our tools for editing, you easily and quickly compile a resume for an elementary teacher. A cute creamy design with pencils will show that you are a kind and responsible person. Change the font, color, style, come up creatively in your resume. In the end, attach your photo, check the entered data and you can send it to the press or send it to the email address of the employer. Be sure that you will receive many suggestions about the work.

29. Red Watercolor Floral Creative Resume

Red Watercolor Floral Creative Resume

This template is a summary template, ideal for teachers, especially in the field of art, which displays a creamy background and watercolor theme of the red flowers hanging on the borders. Create your own unique profile that reflects the specifics of your work. Beautiful red poppies will add charm to your resume. Easily change the resume design whenever you want. It’s easy and quick to implement our editing tools. Add a photo for your resume, which you can drag into a pretty round frame. You will bypass all your competitors. The Red Watercolor Floral Creative Resume is the best choice for you!

30. Simple Lime Green Creative Resume

Simple Lime Green Creative Resume

Present your personal data using this ready-made resume template in nice yellow and green colors. The template is so universal because of its flexible design and software, so it is suitable for absolutely any profession. Add your logo, experiment with colors, fonts, and be sure that you will achieve the desired result. There are tools that also allow you to choose colors, patterns, borders, and shapes for decorative purposes. Such a bright and individual resume can not go unnoticed. The employer will certainly appreciate your efforts. Remember that from how competently you compile a resume depends on whether you are invited for an interview or not.

31. Colorful Abstract Creative Resume

Colorful Abstract Creative Resume

Unleash your emotions using our colorful and stylish resume template! This is the perfect solution for courageous individuals who are tired of the standard resume sample. This template is fully customizable. Feel free to experiment with colors, fonts. Just drag your photo and add some cool effect or apply the filter at your discretion. Creating an ideal resume that impresses a potential employer will be easy and quick. Our easy-to-use editing tools will help you achieve your goal. You definitely will not be ignored by such a vivid and eccentric resume design. The Colorful Abstract Creative Resume is all that you need!

32. Periwinkle Minimalist Corporate Resume

Periwinkle Minimalist Corporate Resume

This resume template is the perfect solution for people with conservative views. Simply, laconically, nothing superfluous, gentle light tone. Perfect functionality will help to create a real masterpiece without diligence. Your personal information will not be lost on a clean and bright background. Use a huge color palette to change the color to your desired color. But this simple design will not be left without attention. Employers like hasty and diligent employees. Just check the information before sending it to print. A perfect resume is ready! Just use our an ideal Periwinkle Minimalist Corporate Resume to save your time and nerves.

33. Red Dot & Circle Minimalist Resume

Red Dot & Circle Minimalist Resume

Show yourself and your professional qualities in the best possible way using a ready-made resume template. Clear lines and an attractive minimalistic design will put your advantages to the forefront. A huge number of editing tools will help you extremely quickly and easily to cope with the task. A bright design will help you to emphasize important details. Just fill out the already completed forms with your data. Thus you will save a lot of time that you need to prepare for the interview. You can easily create an ideal resume with the help of our training manual. Go for it!

34. Cream Light Bulb Minimalist Resume

Cream Light Bulb Minimalist Resume

Show your potential employer not only your professional qualities but also how creative you are. A cool picture of a light bulb shows how strongly you have sharpness. Change the design, style of photography, color, play with a limitless number of fonts to create the perfect resume. Our editing tools will gladly help you with this. Ideal for positions in the digital field. Add your professional experience, education, rewards in ready-made beautifully designed forms. Your information will immediately be visible thanks to the minimalist design. It is absolutely free! Don’t lose your chance to be an owner of one of the best resume template!

35. Black and White Shapes Minimalist Resume

Black and White Shapes Minimalist Resume

No wonder everybody says that the best colors are black and white. This stylish and sophisticated design will help you impress the employer and make him think that you are the ideal worker he has been looking for. This a resume template perfectly highlights all your benefits. The template is multifunctional. With the help of our editing tools, select any desired function and apply it in practice. Experiment with a huge amount of font, colors, etc. Choose what your soul desires. Do not doubt your own success! Our the Black and White Shapes Minimalist Resume is ready to help you!

36. Blue Brush Strokes Minimalist Designer Creative Resume

Blue Brush Strokes Minimalist Designer Creative Resume

This attractive resume template with brush strokes and pink circles is ideal for the graphic designer, as it displays the entire creative aspect. But since the template is completely customizable, it can be used with ease and confidence for many professions. Do not be afraid to experiment with fonts and font sizes, just enter your data. You can also break text by including icons next to different categories. Unleash your creativity by playing with a lot of colors. Remember that a well-written resume is your way to success. Then it’s up to your confidence. The position of your dream will become yours very soon.

37. Mistyrose and Charcoal Resume

Mistyrose and Charcoal Resume

Leave boring gray resumes in the past! It’s time to take advantage of this fashionable, gentle with modern functional resume template. Pastel colors with roses and black coal will give an incredible highlight to your resume. It definitely will not get dusty in the pile of other resumes. Edit this template according to your needs and preferences. Use a wide palette of colors and an incredibly large number of fonts to achieve the desired wow effect. The design in the form of two columns is very readable and your information immediately comes to the fore thanks to a neutral background.

38. Simple Magenta Photo Modern Resume

Simple Magenta Photo Modern Resume

A purple color pattern has an attractive headline, which will immediately be remembered by the potential employer. Using a huge list of functions and options, you can play with colors, fonts, etc. until you achieve the desired result. A lot of attention should be paid to photography. Use an incredibly large number of filters and special effects to give your photo solidity until it perfectly fits into the design of your resume. Prove that you are a piece of cake for the employer. Show that you, as a creative person, have an excellent taste and style. The Simple Magenta Photo Modern Resume is ready to make your dreams come true!

39. Mint Green Icons Simple Infographic Resume

Mint Green Icons Simple Infographic Resume

This ready-made template in fresh mint color in a minimalist style is ideal for summary graphics editors. But thanks to the multitude of functions, you can in one mouse click to reconfigure it for any other profession. Give your resume an individuality using a huge number of icons, fonts, and an incredibly extensive color scheme. An infographic format with borders and grids will give your resume a very convenient form of reading. All your advantages will be in the foreground. Send your resume to print or send it to the email address of the future employer. The Mint Green Icons Simple Infographic Resume a good choice for you.

40. Bordered Fitness Trainer Simple Resume

Bordered Fitness Trainer Simple Resume

Completely forget about the competitors, because with this resume template with the logo of the bar, which so perfectly reflects the spirit of the sport, you will not be equal! Easy-to-use editing tools will help you change the colors, fonts, style of your resume in minutes based on your preferences. Add your own logo of the coolest coach. Pass all the power and strength of your muscles on a piece of paper. The work of your dream will soon become your thanks to this golden resume. Do not forget to check the correctness of the entered data before sending it to print!

41. Pastel Purple Photo Resume

Pastel Purple Photo Resume

If you want to present your photo in the best way, then this resume template is the best solution for you. The design in light purple colors has enough free space for the best placement of photos. You can change the photo style with a huge number of options and functions, applying a huge number of filters, and also change the font based on your preferences. If you are not comfortable with the minimalist style, then add special icons and illustrations. So your resume will become more adorned. Do not be afraid to use all the features of the editing software.

42. Pink Vines Creative Resume

Pink Vines Creative Resume

When applying for a job creative approach will greatly help you in achieving success. This design template displays your skills and qualifications in a portrait with illustrated grapes, a white icon and a Serif font from our media library. Add different shapes and lines to make your resume an unusual. Add your photo and apply a huge number of special effects and styles, because employers do not disregard a photo of a potential employee. Save your time on filling out information. Leave time for preparation for the interview. The Pink Vines Creative Resume the best solution for creative people who are not afraid to experiment.

43. Plum and Gold Ornament Border Creative Resume

Plum and Gold Ornament Border Creative Resume

A beautiful plum design is suitable for creative professionals. Show your skills and abilities playing with an incredible color scheme, with a huge variety of fonts and styles. You will turn the compilation of a resume into an intelligent game with our easy-to-use editing tools. Pay attention to the photos, because this is the first thing employers pay attention to. With our editing software, you will create a template of your dreams by applying different options. Our guide will help you quickly understand. The Plum and Gold Ornament Border Creative Resume will help you in creating a resume of your dreams.

44. Light Blue Circle Photo Text Minimalist Resume

Light Blue Circle Photo Text Minimalist Resume

Using this template, you will create a cool resume that does not exactly look like the other resume. Just enter the necessary information about you, putting your advantages to the fore. The format for describing information in the form of these is very convenient for the perception of information. All the necessary information is described very compactly. You can change the style of the template at any time by simply clicking on the elements and selecting the correct font and color that best suits your taste. A beautiful colorful background will give your resume a charm.

45. White with Orange Geometric Creative Resume

White with Orange Geometric Creative Resume

This bright orange resume template is ideal for creative people who are in search of work. With the help of special editing software you can easily edit text formatting and fill in the necessary information, and you can additionally adapt it by adding more icons to the footer. Your name is displayed on top with bright black letters on a white background, and the body of your resume should be in the traditional format with orange overlays used for headings. Wavy orange lines and quarters are very stylish looking. You can be sure that with such a steep resume you are guaranteed success.

In conclusion, I want to give you some last practical advice:

  1. The total amount of the resume is 2 pages. I do not advise you less if you are not a student or a very young specialist. More is superfluous. If you need details, the recruiter will ask additional questions in the interview or ask the CV.
  2. Reread your resume several times, remove all unnecessary, add significant facts. And do not forget to check spelling. A competent and well-structured resume is a chance that the company will highly appreciate your candidacy, including in money terms.
  3. The lack of links to profiles in social networks is a big mistake. Often, recruiters, only looking at your page, understand how you fit the chosen post. If you do not specify a link to your site, a profile on LinkedIn or Twitter, then you either do not know how to make a normal resume or do not understand anything in social networks. It’s no good.
  4. Write several summaries for different positions, talk about your achievements in the previous place of work in the language of facts and figures, put the last work experience in the first place – and you will be happy.
  5. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from former employers. Specify the name and position of the person who can recommend you. In case the recruiter wants to know more about you.This is a perfectly acceptable practice, which at the right time will play for your luck.

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