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Tumblr Templates 101: Getting Started

You must have heard about Tumblr before, it is very tempting to have a spot there. Tumblr is a CMS platform built with blogging in mind. It is estimated to have around 373 million users. It is extremely popular and it might be just the platform for your blog. Read on to see why you will love it.

What Is Tumblr

Unlike WordPress, Blogger or other CMS platforms Tumblr is designed specifically for micro blogging and being used by people with no coding knowledge whatsoever. It is very cute, friendly and easy to operate unlike other big and bulky CMS platforms. Its widgets are easy to use and beginner friendly.

Basically it is a perfect platform if you are just looking for a good platform to run a small blog and are not looking for a corporate scale web site Tumblr is just what you need. Getting started is fairly simple; you have hundred of free templates to take off with. Tumblr is good for posting articles, pictures, videos and audios.


You have numerous free templates with no hidden fees whatsoever. Remember a few things when picking out your first template:

  • If you are making a photography/video blog go for a grid,
  • If you want a more personal blog with articles go for a single page with one column.
  • You can also add sidebars or go without them. Every template has a header part as well as foot notes.

Check out a Sugar template, the header is made to look like a sidebar with a grid layout next to it, will work amazing for pictures. Pop Gallery is another grid-based template with round previews of pictures.

Catching Elephant is another cute theme with two columns, menu to the left and posts to the right. Effector template would be our favorite as it is very clean and minimal with a fresh design that will never be outdated. No matter what template you go for they are all quick and responsive to work on any display.


Tumblr is an open space CMS and is completely free with no additional fees for running a blog. However there are a prepaid themes as well as premium widgets to satisfy the pickiest of customers.

By the way you can actually monetize your Tumblr blog with advertisement. Think about affiliating with Amazon for example. Write book reviews and add associate links to them. But it is worth mentioning that since Amazon sells everything you can add an associate link for any product you mention in your posts.

Or if you write your own books you can post citations and pictures adding links to buy your book. The possibilities are endless.