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Twitter Header Templates – Now Customizable

Everyone is using the SM these days. With billions of profiles how do you build up online network subsistence? Is there a way to make your Twitter stand out? Of course you put the substance quality and relevance of the messages ahead of all but there are other things one can do to personalize, refresh and brighten up a page.

In case you did not know it there is a possibility to design a personal header and framework for Twitter. In this article we’ll concentrate on header templates, their installation and functions.

How-To Manual

It is fairly easy to change your TH just attend to this step by step manual:

  1. Pick the TH you would like to install into the page, there are lots of free TH templates in the net, just search for a website with free headers for downloading,
  2. Make sure it follows your requirements, temperament and background, it must be appealing to the eye so your readers like to look at it,
  3. Post an image you like, it could be a photo of yourself or an open source file photo of your choosing, but check that the picture is either copyright free or the patent belongs to you,
  4. Add the things you want the visitors to read like the title, your pen name etc. make sure that your spelling is correct and the font is clear and readable,
  5. Now save the layout and show it to the community, from now on your page is really different and standing out from the rest.

Find the Right Header Template

Some professional template designing dot com businesses sell prepaid designs. But if you are a private person looking to refresh your page layout there are lots of free header templates for you to experiment with so there is no need for you to overpay.

Another tip is for you to maintain your page layout fresh and relevant is so make it a rule to update your headers regularly, this way your readers will not be tired of seeing the similar design and colors every time they go to your Twitter feed. Try avoiding too bright colors and the text color should be distinctive. Go for light letters on the dark layout and dark letters on the light layout.

And Even More

This one is for people that have a company Twitter; you can customize it to contain the corporate logo. Just upload the information, custom color pattern and lettering. If you want you can have your header template coded specifically for your company’s page. Did you like those ideas? Share them with the world and leave your comments. Also leave a link to your upgraded Twitter page.