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Unusual web design blog

If you heard about in the context of Internet store, we would like to tell you that it also has an unusual blog about web design. Someone thought that if website is positioned as online store, their blog will not be interesting. We`d like to tell that it`s not true.

Comfortable for everyone

When you enter the blog, you see the page with wide interface, simple white background and huge icons with different discussions. Good? Of course, because you always see what you will be reading or writing about. Each thing, which is available on the blog is available for every user. You do not need to perform extra actions. Just register an account and then log in. That`s all! You can do everything you want.

Massive audience

While visiting this unusual web design blog, you know that you will always have a person to talk with. have users from every country in the world. If you think that someone is already sleeping in the bed, it`s not true. Every second someone makes an activity in the blog, so you won`t be alone.

Follow the rules

Forum rules are simple for everyone. The basic one is – no spammers allowed. So, if you know persons who likes to spam with different links or images, please warn them.
To be honest, is not the first service with such thing like web design blog, conversations and discussions. We know many examples when developers add an option to discuss something while choosing an icon or something else.


We thought that this information about was interesting for you to read. Now you know where to find the most unusual web design blog. You can spend an evening with your laptop reading interesting articles, discussing features or just writing comments for new posts.
To give creators a feedback, you can open any product on the site and leave a comment below. With this thing, you will let developers know that their work is important for someone.
If you want to change something in setting (different background, change main theme), developers are always opened for new ideas. If you have something really good and ready to share it with the others. Developers will rate all offers and choose the best one. However, it`s hard to make something better than in the present day. Come and visit the blog and probably you will find something that should be changed.

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